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Where to Buy Organic Rose Tea?

Relax with Organic Rose Tea

Don’t just stop and smell the roses. Snuggle up and enjoy these fragrant petals in nutritious and delicious teas too. Rose teas present a plethora of benefits for your body due to its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties. It enhances skin radiance and is used to alleviate hormonal imbalance or menstrual issues in women.

● Benefits of Rose & My Favorite Rose Products

For centuries, rose teas have also been used as a medicinal drink for depression, digestive troubles and weight management. However, due to recent mass production and commercialisation of tea, it is imperative to ensure that your cup of rosy goodness is safe, healthful and organic. Choose organic rose teas to escape artificial additives, preservatives, pesticides and other nasties in your teacup. If you’re interested to loose yourself in benefits of rose teas, get your stash of organic ones from these tea artisans and start to sip!

1. Numi Organic - White Rose


Committed to the planet and its people, Numi Tea guarantees full leaf quality and premium, real ingredients. The good folks at Numi offers a natural and gluten-free rose blend that protects the environment, farmers and you. Available in fuss-free teabags and as loose tea, White Rose is a low-caffeine white tea blend with whole rosebuds.

2. Chocolate Rose Tea/ Organic


Tea Forté offers extraordinary teas with unparalleled presentation in a patented, recyclable pyramid-shaped tea infuser. An American tea brand, Tea Forté works hand in hand with sustainable growers to produce handcrafted luxury tea blends that are fair-trade certified, kosher certified and USDA organic. Of which, the said tea brand puts a spin on regular rose tea and creates an exquisite duet of flavours with its rejuvenating Chocolate Rose Tea. It features notes of rich chocolate with a sweet floral finish and brews a sophisticated golden cup. For a more decadent indulgence, add some milk! Available in a sleek black loose tea canister, Chocolate Rose is perfect for your fellow tea lover.

3. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.


As Singapore’s oldest tea producer, blender and retailer, 1872 Clipper Tea Co. promises quality assurance with their non-GMO, fair trade certified tea. Unwind with a warm mug of Clipper’s Bed of Roses before bed. It is a delicate, decaffeinated infusion with whole rosebuds that’s designed to soothe your soul. Mind you, these are handpicked French rosebuds too. If you prefer more varied flavours, opt for Clipper’s Chinese New Year Fortune House gift pack. With three aromatic tea blends within the oriental pack, one of which is a flavourful rose tea titled Rose Black Tea (福禄双全). Treat yourself to the fragrant mélange of red rose petals, chamomile, apples and Clipper’s signature Ceylon black tea.

4. Nilufer Tea Rose Paradise

Otherwise, we’ve got your back with our Organic USDA - Rose Paradise tea – a beautiful blend of precious rose petals, rosebuds and hibiscus. It is a favourite among many of our avid tea drinkers as it has a light and pleasing floral finish, with a fruity note of strawberry. Deliciously delicate and seductively sweet, a single sip brings to mind magical woodlands and acres of countryside gardens in the summer: perfect for a relaxing picnic on the meadow green. Enjoy our Rose Paradise as a hot herbal beverage or have it as an iced tea for a little taste of heaven. We promise you won’t regret it.


My Favorite Rose Products

Rose Water

Rose Body Oil

Rose Scented Perfume

Rose Body/ Hand Cream

Box Flower - Rose that lasts 1 to 3 years
Rose Tea

Written by: Valerie Tan

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