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Nilufer Tea celebrates Yoga Seeds' 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary to Yoga Seeds !  

Nilufer is eager to share that we have our first collaboration with Yoga Seeds for their fourth anniversary this coming 16th July 2017 Sunday at Bishan Park!

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Post Event Blog is Here !!

11.30am – 1.00pm
> Munch & Bunch - Complimentary, RSVP required

2pm to 3pm
> Heart Flow (For all levels) - $25 per person

4pm to 5.30pm
> Rhythm Flow (For intermediate or advanced levels) - $35

Yoga Seeds Green Room 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1,
Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931

>RSVP at Eventbrite  Book from Here 


Do you need any event sponsorship? Contact Nilüfer 🙂


" Yoga Seeds " -  Embrace Our Mother Nature

Yoga Seeds
is an established yoga studio in Singapore and around Asia that believes in bringing peace to both mind and body as well as bringing ourselves closer to nature. Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular activity to pick up because of its various health, physical and mental alike, and fitness benefits. As big fans of Karma Yoga, Yoga Seeds’ instructors are dedicated to being involved in charitable initiatives that allows them to give back to the community with utmost sincerity.

" Yoga Seeds loves being out close to nature and embraces the nurturing conditions that mother nature offers to help us reconnect with ourselves. "

Their vision and concept is very similar to Nilufer Tea so we decided to sponsor their big event !  Read > The Nilüfer Manifesto

Outdoor Yoga in Singapore

I especially love their outdoor yoga events like a yoga at Marina bay sands top floor, Sentosa Islands or even in Financial District ! Regardless of your yoga level or whether you are Singaporean or not, Yoga Seeds provides a very good opportunity to enjoy Yoga at beautiful outdoor environment in Singapore.

Goodie Bag with Nilufer Tea

To celebrate Yoga Seeds’ fourth anniversary, Nilufer will be setting up a tea tasting booth to allow guests a chance to have a taste of our aromatic organic tea and learn more about organic teas and sustainable farming on the whole. We are sponsoring this celebratory event alongside other sponsors which includes Cocomax (coconut water) and Blackmores (Supplement).

Remember to RSVP for this exciting lunch party as soon as possible and you will get a F R E E goodie bag that includes our incredible Nilufer tea.
We can’t wait to be able to meet everyone and share our love for smooth, healthy and organic tea that soothes the body and mind! Thank you Wendy, for showing Kristabelle and Leah around the Zen garden, and Yihan, for ensuring such a pleasant collaboration.

Do you need any event sponsorship? Contact Nilüfer !

Who is  Nilufer Tea?

As we keep our delicate herbs and flowers uncrushed, you can expect to taste and experience a unique blend of flavours that complement each other.

At Nilufer, we are involved in every step of the process, from recipe creation to the harvesting of our beautiful ingredients so you can expect to sip on only the finest quality of teas and enjoy the pleasing aesthetics of our packaging and served teas.

Check Nilufer Tea Collection

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