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7. Lemon & Chamomile
February 13, 2017
4. Rose Paradise (Gift Set)
April 6, 2017

1. Rose Paradise Tea


Revitalize Your Soul

Bring out the femininity in you with a beautiful blend of rose and hibiscus. It is sure to leave you drowned in its heavenly floral aroma alongside a hint of strawberry. Proudly organic and pesticide free herbs only. 

  ・ 5 Sachets without Gift Box
  ・ Each sachet can make up to 400ml of tea for all to enjoy
  ・    Ingredients: Rose, Hibiscus, Rose Bud, Rosehip, Strawberry
  ・ Flavour: Rose


Snuggle up and enjoy these fragrant rose petals in nutritious and delicious teas too. Choose Nilufer’s organic rose teas to escape artificial additives, preservatives and pesticides in your teacup. Recent mass production and commercialization of tea.. For us, it is imperative to ensure that your cup of rosy goodness is safe, healthful and organic. Gift set (Rose Paradise) is also available 

RoseBenefits of Rose Tea 

For centuries, rose teas have also been used as a medicinal drink due to a plethora of benefits for your body.
It enhances skin radiance and is used to alleviate hormonal imbalance or menstrual issues in women.


Benefits of Rose

●   Alleviate menstrual pain
●   Maintain youthful-looking skin
●   High in Vitamin C
●   Help balancing hormones
●   Relieve tension
●   Restore peace of mind
●   Anti Inflamarory


Delivery & Shipping Cost
> A flat fee of $ 3 within Singapore by Sing Post (will take approx 2 day)

The Rest of the world (USA, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai, Korea, China, Australia, HK)
> A flat fee of $5 For shipment to other places worldwide.

Local Pick Up – FREE
> 77 Robinson Rd, Singapore  (3 min from Tanjong Pagar MRT) or our outlets

9 reviews for 1. Rose Paradise Tea

  1. mm

    charmaine wong

    Whenever I want to purchase a tea, I always choose tea with hibiscus in its ingredients due to its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory property. No regrets over purchasing this rose paradise tea.

  2. mm


    Rose Tea is my go to hot beverage! From my first cup in the morning to my afternoon tea time to my comfort from home when at work or when I travel. On hot days I let the tea cool down before adding one or two ice cubes.

  3. mm


    A day without rose paradise tea is incomplete. I usually have at least one cup everyday. It has such a great taste, tastes amazing if you add a slice of lemon or a teaspoon of honey.

  4. mm


    My first experience with Rose Paradise tea was during Christmas when I received it as part of a Christmas gift. The tea has a very pleasant taste and aroma. I’ve made three purchases since then and would encourage people to give this tea a try!

  5. mm

    Maggie lee

    I was surfing the net when I came across a post on how rose tea aid proper digestion, reduce stress and depression. I’ve being taking it for 2 weeks now and I’ve started seeing positive changes. It is really an effective relief.

  6. mm

    Shi Zheng

    This is the first time I’ve drunk a rose tea and I am not disappointed. It has a very pleasant appearance and tastes really good. The price is also not bad, wouldn’t hurt to try.

  7. mm


    Best tea out there. Beats out all other brands in taste, quality and consistency. Even better than those “fancy” and expensive teas.

  8. mm

    yani, kadina

    The first thing that attracted me to the tea was the strawberry and rose hip ingredients. I’m a lover of strawberry due to its numerous health benefits. Nice strawberry taste in this tea – tastes great with the rose flavor mixed together.

  9. mm


    As a rose tea lover, I’ve tasted more than 20 different brands. Today I saw the rose Paradise tea when shopping at the supermarket and I decided to give it a try. Unique fragrance with a nice packaging. Highly recommended to purchase this.

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