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Yoga Seeds’ 4th anniversary x Nilüfer Tea Event

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July 18, 2017
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July 24, 2017


In our previous post on the blog, we have shared that we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Yoga Seeds’ 4th anniversary celebration. It was such an enriching experience for the Nilufer team as well as for the attendees as we had some fruitful discussions about the perks of taking organic herbal teas. These pictures speak a thousand words.

Photo with Wendy, the Founder of Yoga seeds (right)

Tea samples

Tea booth display

Exclusive goody bag

Lady-boss Leah educating the others on Nilufer Tea

All smiles



Matching instructor shirts

Even more smiles

A very satisfied Leah

The power of 4

Group shot!


We are looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with Yoga Seeds!

If you are part of a yoga studio or know anyone with similar visions in mind, please drop us a note! We love meeting new people.

Photos by Kristabelle Tobing 

Taken with Olympus Pen lite 7

Kristabelle is the Content Specialist & Editor-in-chief of Nilüfer tea. When she isn't flexing her linguistic capabilities or having her favourite cup of tea, you'll find her dancing in her room in 8-inch heels.

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