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Nilufer Tea Appreciation and Brewing Workshop with Prudential

A wide variety and selection of herbs and teas

On the 12th of October, Nilufer Tea organised a custom tea brewing workshop in partnership with Prudential. It was held at Shop Wonderland in Telok Ayer street; a cafe known for its whimsical theme and fun flower arranging workshops. Our guests were treated to a delightful meal by the cafe and a flurry of herbal knowledge to bring home. The educational workshop was insightful and enlightened some of our intrigued customers on the wonders of our organic herbal tea and their various ingredients. We also had our tea bags readily packed for sale at the event as well as some samples for the customers to bring home.

Using all 5 senses to learn about the herbs and ingredients

All the ingredients used in our organic herbal tea were set on display with labels for the guests to see, touch, smell and even taste. (everyone loved eating the dried strawberries and stevia) To kick off the workshop, Leah Yo, owner and founder of Nilufer tea, handed out a very beautiful infographic pertaining to the herbs in the tea bags to all the guests for their viewing pleasure. The handout included the benefits of each ingredient and how they could be of use to any particular sickness of ailment they may be facing. Leah explained each ingredient and how they come together to create the final product.

Start brewing!

The guests were eager to get started and each of them were given their own special tea brewing mug that contains a filter to sieve out the tea leaves debris. Leah went around asking them the kind of problems they usually face, if they had insomnia, headaches, if they were often sick, etc. Many guests cited insomnia as their main issue and resorted to medication for remedy. As a result, Leah recommended using chamomile tea as their base because of its relaxing properties. It was so lovely to see a group of real tea enthusiasts getting so excited over brewing their own unique blends of tea.

Participants looking and thinking of the herbs to put into their blends


Participants reading the ingredients and deciding what herbs to use

Guests were instructed to pick one or two main teas as their base, with the choices of rooibos tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, black bean tea, lemongrass tea and rose bud tea. One lady in particular was very adventurous and wanted to try three blends but the tea turned out to have a very weird pungent taste (and it was black in colour!), so the lesson is: Blend wisely!! After the guests have scooped the tea leaves and blends into their cups, they proceeded to the herb table to add 2-4 additional herbs for more flavor and health benefits. The handout given to them included suggestions on yummy herbal tea pairings and serving sizes so their resulting tea would taste delicious and smell very fragrant.

Personally, I enjoy fruity flavors most and I usually only drink fruit tea or flower tea so my choices were geared towards the dried strawberries and oranges (I may or may not have eaten a few of them raw sneakily as I was brewing my tea) and of course stevia as a natural sweetener. Once all the ingredients have been scooped nicely into their individual cups, the guests filled up their cups to approximately 3/4 of the capacity with hot water and covered their cups with its lid to steep for approximately 3-4 minutes. The longer you let the the tea brew, the stronger the resulting taste so we usually recommend 3 minutes as a good duration.

Why drink herbal teas?

While everyone's tea was brewing, Leah answered some of their questions about her tea company and her organic herbal tea. If you haven't already checked it out, our website has an FAQ that answers most questions our customers have about tea. The biggest question of the night was 'Does organic herbal tea cure insomnia?' The answer is no, it only helps alleviate insomnia as well as other types of health problems. It is important to note that tea is not a cure and in no way replaces actual medicine, but it definitely helps with the process of recovery. All the guests were very pleased with the insightful answers provided by Leah and happily shared their own tea habits and stories. It was a really lighthearted and chill environment and it really went along well with the theme of the company and workshop.

When the teas had finished their steeping process, everyone delightfully indulged in their creations and many were so pleased with the taste that they went for seconds! It was a lovely bonding session between strangers. Everyone actually went around and let each other try their tea blend creations to get a taste of different blends. As the guests slowly became more acquainted with the complementary flavors, they could choose herbs and teas more confidently. Overall everyone was very satisfied with their teas. As a treat, Leah gave them all a plastic bag for them to bring home a small portion of the ingredients of their favourite blend to recreate their teas at home for their friends and family.


The guests expressed their thanks and gratitude to the staff of Shop Wonderland as well as Leah for the fantastic workshop. They were very excited to hear directly from the founder of Nilufer Tea that she has a close relationships with the local farmers in Japan that supply her ingredients, they knew our tea was the real deal. Everyone was excited to learn how to place orders for the tea and of course name cards were handed out and details were exchanged.

To end the workshop on a happy note, all the guests brought home a goodie bag from Prudential as well as food and cakes from Shop Wonderland. Who doesn't love extra food? It was a great day overall, and the fun experiences shared by the group will not be forgotten. From us here at Nilufer Tea, we hope the tea and herbal knowledge shared will be with you everlasting!

For any inquiries about events or workshops, drop us a message at leah.y@dymarketing.sg Otherwise, you can get our organic herbal teas here!

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