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In the colour spectrum, yellow is the brightest colour and the most striking to the human eye. That radiance and brightness can be found in one of the more detoxifying fruit: lemon.

Heart Shaped Lemons from Nature

Hailing from Setouchi, Nilufer Tea's heart shape lemons are pretty on the eyes and healthy for consumption. The plantations that grow the lemons receive ample sunlight, water and lots of fresh air. As a result, the lemons take on the qualities of the environment and are translated into tasty lemons.


Due to the plantations' practice of ethical farming, no pesticides are used and the lemons are organically farmed. You can simply go to the farm and take a bite of the lemon without worrying the chemicals culminating in your body. The farmers take pride in their plantations and have painstakingly ensure that only best lemons are given to you.

Shop Online Page (Heart Shaped Lemon)

Heart shaped Lemon ♥

You might be wondering: how does the lemon become a heart shape?

Image cred: @askafrench on Instagram

When the lemon is still young and growing, a heart-shaped mold is used to cover the fruit. As the lemon continues to grow, it is shaped into the mold and becomes a heart shape.

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Let's eat lemons !

Being part of the citrus family, lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C which brings us an array of benefits. It helps our cells to regenerate so that our skin remains youthful, decrease the bad cholesterol that causes health problems, prevent scurvy, and also helps our body to absorb iron better.

But vitamin C is not just lemon's forte of rich nutrition. Unlike other citrus fruits, lemons have a unique sour taste that holds a hint of sweetness to give you a bit of that sour buzz. That is why lemons are often used in different cuisine to give a splash of freshness to the dish.

Lemons are undoubtedly more sour than other fruits as it contains more citric acid. This acid helps to improve the process of digestion and also the production of digestive juices. As a result, lemons can help to cleanse the gut and remove toxins through bowel movement.

Shop Online Page (Heart Shaped Lemon)

Just like a heart shape lemon, Nilufer Tea aims to bring you the heart of wellness. These lemons are not only pretty, but also healthy. At the same time, we support these small farms which place ethical farming at the heart of their profession. Due to the high quality control by both the farmers and Nilufer Tea, heart shaped lemons can be limited and are only available at the peak of its harvest. But like everything that is worth having, sometimes we just have to wait.

As now is the optimal harvest, Nilufer Tea is ready to ship all orders of heart shape lemon! Get yours here now for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
Shop Online Page (Heart Shaped Lemon)

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