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6 Impressive and Lovely Tea Sets as Corporate Gifts

Hello, is it tea you’re looking for? Finding a suitable wedding favour or corporate gift on behalf of your organisation can be a perennial headache. Well, have some positivi-tea because there’s nothing tea can’t solve! Almost everyone loves tea and a personalised tea sachet or artisanal tea blend could be a nifty edible favour or the most appreciated present – you’d bring a morning smile to your gift recipient’s face through a cup of delicious tea along with jolly memories! You can’t buy happiness, but you can definitely buy tea and we feel that’s kind of the same. Read on because we might just have the solution to your potential gift disasters with our fuss-free ideas.

1. Nilufer Tea

If you are looking for quality organic herbal tea, then Nilufer Tea may be the thing you are looking for. With ethical sourcing of ingredients that are free of pesticides, Nilufer Tea has created various delicious blends of tea. Ranging from Rose Paradise, which is a subtly-sweet tea with light notes of rose, to Floral Blossom, a concoction of beautiful flowers and herbs such as lavender and lemongrass, you can surely find something to satisfy your taste buds and soothe your mind.

2. Allerines Premium Tea

Image cred: Favor Atelier


Image cred: Favor Atelier


Allerines Premium Tea is all about high-quality blended teas that are pleasing to the palate and delightful to the senses. From fruit to herbal teas, all blends are packed in loose-leaf pyramid sachets for convenient, quick brews.

Allerines collaborates with Favor Atelier, a wedding favours provider based in Singapore, to provide the perfect blend for your par-tea. Choose to package your desired tea in beautiful metal tins or minimalistic paper boxes with your event details, personal message and all the trimmings.

 3. Collaboration Tea

Need a favour that’s customisable and memorable? Look no further because Collaboration Tea supplies premium tea with inspirational quotes and custom-made, resealable tea pouches. The local tea maker believes that with inspiration tagged unto each tea sachet, the words will provide a little boost and uplift you and those around you. The best part? All sachets are packed at random, so you’re in for a surprise quote each time you steep a cup of tea! And of course, with customisation, feel free to add any quote that’s close to your heart on the tag.

 4. Ette Tea

Ette Tea brews together tradition and taste with their unique, high-quality tea blends. In sleek metal tins, these tea sets make great gifts due to their modern and sophisticated aesthetics. Ette Tea originates from the culturally-diverse Singapore,  so you can expect teas in the flavours of local foods such as Ice Kachang, Pandan Chiffon, Nasi Lemak and even Chicken Rice from this local tea artisan.

Not your cup of tea? Ette also offers classic favourites such as Earl Grey, Nanyang Breakfast and more. With their great assortment of classic and experimental teas (plus cute tea names), you’d be spoilt for choice and we guarantee that there will be a flavour-packed hit for everyone. Be glad to know that customised tea baskets, hampers and mini mix sets are available for purchase as gifts – we think these make great presents for the office!

 5. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

Image cred: The 1872 Clipper Co.

Image cred: The 1872 Clipper Co.


With customisation and private labelling, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. has served as tea tailor to some of the finest companies in Singapore. Think Raffles Hotel, Standard Chartered, UOB and more! From customised tea blends to personalised packaging, you can count on Clipper as a trusty ol’ tea brand with great service and fabulous product offerings. Imagine your favourite tea blend in bespoke tea bags with you and your partner’s name, or company’s logo on it. We’re sold.

 6. TWG

A luxury-steeped, old-world tea salon, TWG offers luxurious customisable tea sets for special occasions, or just one of life’s magical moments. Though it comes at a heftier price tag, you’ll get to curate up to 5 tins of tea in TWG’s swoon-worthy packaging of chic tea sleeves and gift boxes. Perfect for the boss or colleague who loves the finer things in life.


Tea is always a good idea and we hope the mentioned tea brands and respective gift sets have provided you with some help. Now, drink a cup of tea because it’s the finest solution to nearly every catastrophe and conundrum that your gift-giving headache may bring. Oh, and did we tell you we have customised porcelain tea cups now? Shop here for a tea-rrific add-on to your gift.

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