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5 easy-care plants for the irresponsible

As the world progresses and we're constantly updating ourselves with technology, having plants around the house helps brings us back a step closer to Mother Nature. Though part of the progression also means spending more time on our iPads or Galaxy Notes and never actually having enough time for a proper meal, yet alone taking care of plants.

Fret not! Listed below are 5 easy-care plants for the irresponsible - myself included.

Snake plant: It's name itself can seem appalling and you'd want nothing to do with it. Perfect! Not only does this plant have health benefits, but it can survive for weeks at a time. To top that off, it actually looks pretty and improves the indoor air quality. You practically don't have to take care of it and it does the exact opposite for you.


Echeveria: This right here is a beauty particularly because it grows in the shape of a blooming flower. They come in all sorts of colours that'll easily match with any theme you are going for. All you gotta do for your home to be blessed with one of these guys, is to give them plenty of constant light and keep the soil moist for them to stay healthy.


Aloe: You're probably well aware of the countless medicinal properties the aloe possesses, but these plants make just as wonderful home décor. Like the Echeveria, It’s a succulent, so dry conditions will not be a problem. Tons of indirect sunlight will be a plus for your aloe plant to flourish.


Bromeliad: Who knew the Cousin of the pineapple was such a prima donna. Don't let its looks fool you as this superstar is actually pretty easy to handle. Being drought tolerant, you'll be good even if you only remember to water it once a week.


Sweetheart Hoya: It's pretty blooms and pleasant fragrance are not guaranteed if not coaxed with the right amount of sunlight but it's succulent heart-shaped leaves are to die for. If you're an animal lover, the ASPCA has certified it safe for cats and dogs


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