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5 Benefits of The Açai Berry and Where Get to Your Daily Fix

Pronounced as ah-sigh-EE, the açai berry is a grape-like dark purple fruit that grows wild in the Amazon rainforest. It’s touted as a super fruit and is one of the most popular organic solutions for a variety of health concerns, due to its nutritional value. If you see gorgeous cafes that pride themselves for their açai menu, that's why. Get your fruit on and guzzle some açai down with gusto because here are five fabulous benefits of the super fruit.


1. Loaded with antioxidants

When you say antioxidants, many people will think about the açai fruit. That comes as no surprise as it is one of the fruits that has high amount of antioxidants. In fact, the modest berry has ten times more antioxidants than grapes and two times more than blueberries, hence taking it to the super food status. Furthermore, some studies have shown that loading your body with antioxidants can also help to reduce the risk of cancer. That's even a better reason for stocking up on açai berries!


2. Delays aging

Due to its high antioxidant content, açai berries contain anti-aging properties which can help to reverse and delay aging processes that are caused by oxidative damage from the free radicals in our bodies. By decreasing or even eliminating these free radicals, the youth of the skin can be maintained.


3. High in fibre, low in sugar and GI value

Açai berries are high in dietary fibre, low in sugar and GI value. Fibre is essential for the proper function of the digestive system, which in turn supports all other systems in our bodies. You’ll feel satisfied with even a small portion of açai, so trust the berry to keep you from feeling hangry in the middle of your day. To illustrate, açai berries offer 14g of fibre for every 100g of açai powder.


4. Promotes digestion

With an incredible fibre profile, açai berries have powerful detoxification capacities which keeps the digestive system clean and functioning with ease. Consume some for bowel regularity and constipation relief.


5. Boosts energy

Amidst a plethora of benefits, the small fruit has a high level of slow-releasing probiotics too. This can improve the health of your gut, which contains many beneficial microbes that affect almost every part of your body. It also helps us recuperate faster after strenuous exercise and can combat fatigue with a replenishment of valuable electrolytes.


The taste of açai is often described as a pleasant blend of berries and dark chocolate. Its rich, pureed pulp forms the basis of the ever-popular açai bowl. Açai bowls are a smoothie-like blend of frozen açai. Toppings may vary and include sliced fresh fruit, toasted coconut flakes, nut butters, chia seeds, granola and so on. It has become Singapore’s latest power-packed snack (or breakfast?) and dish du jour over the past two years. The açai is pretty, purple and racks up lots of likes on Instagram. Check out where the young and health-conscious get their fix!


Project Açai



Project Açai is Singapore’s first dedicated açai café. Using organic and sustainably-harvested Sambazon açai, the well-known Project Açai makes super delicious superfood açai bowls and smoothies every day, every hour in little batches. You can be assured of quality here at Project Açai as the said café takes utmost care in preserving the nutritional value and freshness of their açai products.





Haakon might not be an açai institution but the good folks at Haakon celebrate a holistic lifestyle for physical and mental wellbeing.  A fancy repertoire of superfoods, juice and açai bowls are served here. What we like most is their Açai Viking Bowl, an açai blend which includes whey protein and raw cacao. Too yummy and too good for a post-gym snack!


Açai berries should be consumed in moderation because these superfruits still contain sugar, even if in lower levels than other fruits. Remember to limit your intake and think over your bowl’s toppings as fructose may be harmful to your health in excessive amounts. Now go ahead and post your açai bowl on Instagram.

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