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Benefits of Rose

●   Alleviate menstrual pain
●   Maintain youthful-looking skin
●   High in Vitamin C
●   Help balancing hormones
●   Relieve tension
●   Restore peace of mind
●   Anti Inflamarory

Roses are known to be associated with romance and for its floral scent. Looking just as stunning in your cup as it does on a rose bush. With a fragrance like no other flower, the health properties of roses are truly timeless.

The ancient Greeks and Romans once infused their bath water with rose petals, and even till present day, Rose Essential Oil are still being used to ease sore throats, fevers and the flu. Rose petals in tea blends contain plenty of vitamin C and a healing dose of anti-oxidants.

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10 Great Benefits of Rose Tea

We, Nilufer Tea, uses USDA certified Organic Rose petal and rose buds. Check our a rose-theme herbal tea, Rose Paradise for a flavour of the roses in nature. Global shipping is available ( We are located in Singapore and Japan )

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My Favorite Rose Products

Rose Water
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – Face Toner

Herbivore – Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

Rose Body Oil
Weleda, Body Oil, Wild Rose

Rose Scented Perfume
Bvlgari Rose Goldea Eau de Parfum

Rose Body/ Hand Cream

Box Flower – Rose that lasts 1 to 3 years

Rose Tea
Nilufer Tea -Rose Paradise

Rose DIY Recipe

○   Rose Body Scrub
○   Rose Tea
○   Rose Facial Oil
○   Rose powder
○   Rose Gel

Common Type of Rose

Damask rose

Fragrance  ★★★ / Edible ★★★




The Damask rose is said to be brought to Europe by the Crusader, Robert de Brie. Not only does the rose has a light and elegant pink colour, it is versatile in its uses as well. The beautiful rose is well-known for its fragrance and thus is used in perfumes and rose water. As the petals are edible, the Damask rose is also used in culinary.

Rugosa Rose

Fragrance  ★★★ / Easy to maintain ★★★





The Rugosa rose has high resistance against black spot, a common rose disease. It has a strong fragrance that can hit you even if you are just around the area. If you are an amateur gardener and would like to grow roses, Rugosa rose is one of the better choices. It is relatively easier to maintain and can tolerate a range of conditions.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Beautifulness  ★★★ / Flower Arrangement ★★★





Cross-breeding a hybrid rose with a tea rose will give you this gorgeous hybrid tea rose. One of the more popular roses in the world, its beauty comes from the various available colours, as well the flower form which may have more than 60 petals. As it has a straight and long stem, hybrid tea roses are often used in flower arrangements and displays.

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