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Interview Series 01

What is Tibetan Medicine?

While many science of medicine focus on curing the physical symptoms, Tibetan medicine goes in deeper to examine the mind as well. Striking a balance between the well-being of the body and mind is the way of Tibetan medicine, as this ensures good energy in the body to maintain optimal health.

The practice focuses using herbs, plants and other naturally-occurring substance from animals to heal the body. For example, residual barley, hot water and melted butter are some of the things that you can find in Tibetan remedies. With a natural way of curing the body and nursing it back to health, it is no wonder why Tibetan medicine is starting to gain popularity. Recently, we met up with Milla, also known as Yogini Shanti to find out what drives her passion in the attaining natural wellness.

1. Hello Milla ! Please tell us about you and what you do.

Hello My name is Milla, and my Yogi name is Yogini Shanti. I was born in Asia, educated in Europe and spend most of my life in USA. My Yogi name now describes my life and work.

I have studied Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Vajrayana Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation from Tibetan teacher, and also teachers from India, Vedic traditions. I have changed or developed new direction for myself, or may be just started to do what I really wanted to do. Formally I have been trained as an Architect, but have been practicing yoga and meditation since childhood.

Tibetan Medicine
"Chulen" - Balance Your Energy

The round dark pills above is "Chulen" . Chulen is Traditional Tibetan Herbal formula, that been created thousands of years ago by Tibetan doctors and yogis while observing natural life.

Composition of herbs helps to maintain body and spirit in perfect condition, if taken on regular basis. Chulen increases energy, normalizes body functions and brings longevity, also deepens meditation, while providing essential nutrients for the body.

Tibetan Medicine
"Rinchens" - Detox Your Body

What is Rinchens

Rinchens are The Famous Precious Pills. Precious because along with herbal ingredients they also contains many of precious substances, such as gold, pearls, corals, turquoise and many more.
Rinchens could have as many as 150 ingredients and prepared with special care, special blessings and mantras. And precious because of the capacity to heal the most complex physical and subtle, psychological problems.
For example, Rinchen Drangjor Rilang Chenmo is Black Gold Pill, the Great Multiple Compound, Precious Pill, and contains 50 different ingredients. Precious substances are always prepared through a series of standard detoxifying processes before being added as part of the compound.

Benefit of Rinchens
This Precious pill is used against dysfunctions of digestive system, infectious fevers, allergies, arthritis, stomach ulcers, against all kinds of poisoning, food poisoning, drugs and alcohol, pollution from environment. This Rinchen helps to maintain proper weight, strengthening and healing bones and bone marrow, regulates temperature of the body.
Get Rinchens from Tibetan Doctor (Amchi)
Rinchens should be prescribed by the Tibetan Doctor -Amchi. Most of the Rinchens are difficult to obtain, as the supply of ingredients are limited. But most of Tibetan doctors do have them in their pharmacies.

Book Consultation for Tibetan Medicine
If you are interested in Tibetan Medicine, she can have a consultation. Feel free to contact at info@nilufertea.com and let us know your concern.

2. What was your inspiration and what drove you?

My inspiration are my parents, my teachers and then all wonderful people that I’ve met in my life. In my childhood, reading books and dreaming, talking to my parents, I always wanted to travel and go to Tibet and learn yoga and Tibetan Medicine.

3. Are there any challenges you faced in your initial stage of work?

Challenges are always there. Always present in many forms, and all of them represent changes. Changes are everywhere. I had to relocate to different country, travel a lot to many places and my family also went through transformation. Vajrayana Buddhist practices allowed me to learn how to deal with physical, mental, and emotional problems, and that helps a lot. And medical knowledge helps to remain healthy.

4. Do you have any final words for those who want to embark on the same journey as you?

Traditional Tibetan Medicine is incredibly effective in so many ways. It is such a beautiful system, deeply connected with spirituality and us humans as a whole. It is definitely worth the efforts study and life work.

Milla - Yogini Shanti

Shanti consults with individuals and businesses about Healing with Tibetan Mantras, Healing Movements with special breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations.

She holds retreat programs in Northern Himalayas and Silk Road in Almaty, Kazakhstan, India and Nepal. Those who are interested in
゜ Bodhgaya, India (place of Buddha enlightenment)
゜ Dharamsala, India (place of Dalai Lama residence) and
゜ Lumbini, Nepal (place of Buddha Birth)

 Feel free to contact at info@nilufertea.com 

Useful Links

Meditation / Yoga Music
Sound library in Yogadownload.com is full of awesome collections. You can listen free sample musics.

Waterfall Collection
- sound of water makes me really relaxed

Alpha Meditation Isochronic Tone
This is something very interesting concept for me.  " With targeted Alpha brainwave meditation you can ‘train’ your subconscious towards positive, empowering self- perception, and in the process transforming your life dramatically " After listening the sounds, it is true that I feel very calm and free 

Meditation /Yoga Video
I believe it is very important to find a time to meditate regularly. Meditation helps me to find some inner space and peace. I am very app person to meditate at home with video with my favorite teacher.

Loose Yoga Clothes may not be the right one

Wearing something “loose and comfortable” for yoga class may be a little more complex than it sounds, and just like for any form of exercise, the right workout gear would definitely make a huge difference !  Here are some reasons you’ll want to equip yourself with proper attire before showing up for your first yoga session.

1. Wardrobe malfunctions are never pleasant

Yoga Pants : Regardless of the yoga class type, pleaseavoid extremely short bottom that constantly ride up, because you’ll find yourself pulling them down after every five minutes. I myself find it is really embarrassing to watch it. - oh well it is my personal opinion !

You may want to opt for a pair of leggings, crops or capri for good measure.

Yoga Tops : Women should avoid loose tops as they’ll be revealing more skin than you’d like especially when you reach and up side down etc Down Dog (see the image below). Opt for form-fitting tops that stay on your body and keep you covered no matter how you move. This also helps the instructor monitor your core and body alignment, making sure you’re doing the poses correctly.

Colour-wise, you may want to settle on darker colours or print pattern, especially if you get sweaty easily. Whatever colour you choose however, make sure the fabric isn’t see-through. It is really No No to "wedgie"

2. You want to feel comfortable without being restricted

For yoga wear, avoid anything with buttons, zippers, and bulky drawstrings. These will be uncomfortable when you have to lie face down. They also restrict your movement and may prod into your flesh when you bend and stretch.

Synthetic fabrics specifically made for exercise would be appropriate for most classes. They are usually a spandex-nylon blend, and move along with your body. Also, since your tights will absorb your sweat, be sure to choose a pair with quick-drying fabric to ensure a comfortable session. I like cotton but not for yoga wear because it stretch over the years and lose its shape.

Be mindful of the thickness of the attire you wear, too. Very thick pants can be loose and movable but their weight may interfere with your form. In sum, wear breathable, stretchy leggings, shorts for running and normal casual T shirts instead. You can carry a fitted long-sleeve shirt with you if you think you might feel cold before or after class.

3. To prevent mishaps or accidents

Yoga is usually practiced barefoot. If you don’t want to keep your feet bare during practice, you can invest in a pair of specially made toe yoga socks that have rubber grips sewn to the sole.

In addition, if you’re prone to calf cramps or soreness, you can wear compression calf sleeves on your lower legs. They allow for complete flexibility too.


With the Christmas season upon us, Christmas markets and pop-ups can be found all over the place. And we could be found at Shop Wonderland last Saturday 2 December 2017.

Nilufer Tea and special yoga wear

Holding the first-ever Christmas market, Shop Wonderland has done a fantastic job in arranging for various brands to come in and show their arts and products. We were honored and glad for having the opportunity to be involved in this amazing event.

Perk by Kate


Lucy and Mui


Wood and Lead

Being a cafe on normal days, Shop Wonderland has transformed the inner space into an area of festivity with the beauty of different brands and a large Christmas trees. With most holidays, you must have drinks, and that is why Shop Wonderland set up a gin bar outside the shop to bring the seasonal spirit beyond their shop.

It was heartwarming to see so many brand ambassadors sharing what they love, and even the brand creators themselves came down personally to be at their booths and sharing the fruits of their labour with everyone. It was clear that many people have put their heart and soul into the event.

Shop Little Man

If you have missed us at Shop Wonderland, fret not because we will be having another Christmas market soon! So stay tuned here, our instagram and our facebook for more information in time to come.

Meanwhile, you can still get out tea gift sets here. Nothing says blessings better than organic herbal teas for the wellness of your body and soul.

Yoga PrakRti, Aramsa The Garden Spa and Nilufer Tea came together on 15 November 2017 to prepare a special event for 10 special VIP guests. They were treated to a wonderful Yoga session and a spa session, but that wasn’t all; they were treated to beautiful organic tea blends by Nilufer Tea to end the event on a light and beautiful note.

Despite the recent rainy spells, the weather on this Wednesday was fine and sunny. It seems to be a great blessing from the skies!

To start off the event, the VIP guests were chauffeured by a limousine from Newton MRT to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, both of which are located at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest urban park developed by the National Parks. The vast greenery of the park can also be reflected on the calming and naturalised surroundings at Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa. With a forest-like atmosphere, it is certainly a break from the common concrete jungle you see in Singapore.

Stretching it out with yoga session by Misato

The yoga session takes place in a clean and whitewashed building. Upon entering, a fragrant floral scent hits your nose and relaxes your mind. Although the studio is big, the atmosphere is a cosy one and there was more than enough space for our 10 special guests. This is a great setting for the guests’ yoga session.

A minimalistic design of the area when you first enter the Green Room


A big space for the guests to comfortably experience yoga

Despite her busy schedule, Ms Jazreel Low, the founder of Aramsa The Garden Spa, greeted everyone before the start of the yoga session. A former television star, Jazreel has turned into a successful businesswoman with multiple businesses from F&B to spa services. In fact, her spas have done so well that she has also opened branches overseas, such as Bintan and Batam. To add on to her list of accolades, those branches are also featured in ClubMed which is a reputable site for holiday packages. She also shared that a Japanese restaurant will be opening Jan 2018 next to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, allowing future visitors to get their fill of Japanese delicacies after a yoga session or a spa session, or both.

The yoga session commenced shortly after Jazreel’s introduction and it was led by Misato-san from Yoga PrakRti. She has done yoga for many years and have taught yoga professionally for 8 years.

Misato started the yoga session by emphasising on the importance of breathing properly

With the many years of experience under her belt, she guided the guests in a relaxing session of yoga that focused on breathing techniques, balance, as well as stretching.

Everyone stretching in a simple yoga pose


Misato helping a guest to better the position for maximum stretch


It's actually more difficult than it looks. Misato giving a helpful lift for the guest


One of the final stretches before the session ends

At the end of the session, the guests were relaxed with smiles and joy shining from their faces.

A group shot of happy ladies who are uplifted after the yoga

Yoga can be an intense form of exercise for some people. Thus, after the yoga, the guests were treated to a spa session that would help soothe their body.

Getting relaxed and revitalised with Aramsa The Garden Spa

The spa session started with the guests changing into Japanese-styled Yukata, and then they were led to the waiting lounge. It is a beautiful room with a refreshing scent from the essential oils, and there were biscuits and a pot of delicious ginger lemongrass tea for them to enjoy. While waiting for their own personal masseuses to arrive, the guests chatted and interacted with each other, filling the room with laughs and liveliness.

Misato interacting with a guest as everyone relaxed and waited for the spa session


Everyone helping themselves to the ginger and lemongrass tea, and also the biscuits

When the masseuses arrive, each guest was paired with one of them. With a 1-to-1 ratio, every guest is paired with a specific masseuse to ensure a high level of personal touch and special attention.

Warming the body with herbal Nilufer Tea

After the relaxing massages, the guests were brimming with warm smiles on their faces and their bodies were rejuvenated. But what better than a warm beverage after the spa session? The guests were presented with their choice of organic & non-pesticide herbal tea from Nilufer Tea. There were 5 selections of the herbal tea they could choose from, and everyone managed to find their own preferred flavour to enjoy.

A display of a beautiful selection of organic herbal teas by Nilufer Tea


Cups of tea waiting for the guests to enjoy after their spa session

As Nilufer Tea uses a blend of only the finest ingredients, the teas were beautifully coloured and exuded a relaxing fragrance as the tea bags steeped in the hot water. The guests were also given a piece of dried pineapple to pair with their teas, and they were pleased with the small snack as it was unique, and the sweetness was light and not too overwhelming. As the guests sipped on their teas with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, Leah Yo, founder of Nilufer Tea, explained about the philosophy behind Nilufer Tea, and the flavourful and beneficial qualities of the herbal beverage.

The guests introduced themselves and expressed their thanks for the event. In fact, after a session of story-sharing, some of them even realised that they had been in the same school. Talk about coincidence and a small world! They were also greatly enthusiastic in commemorating the joyous event by taking many photos, and by then, we were sure that new friendships and partnerships have been forged.

Guests sharing their feelings on the event experience


A commemorative photo with our VIP guests, Misato and Leah

To end the event on a luxurious note, the guests were brought home in style in the limousine that was specially organized for them. And even though the event has ended, the memories created from this beautiful day would be hard to forget.

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