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Water retention is a common problem faced by many of us, regardless of age nowadays. This has mainly got to do with the type of diets that we engage in and the type of physical activities or the lack thereof of it. Water retention can affect the way you look, most of the time most obviously and this can make some people feel less confident about themselves as they feel a bit of 'weight gain' and the 'rounding' of their faces.

However, there are many ways to beat water retention and get yourself back to where you once were. Here are some easy remedies that you can partake to ease your water retention.

Eat less salt

It might be hard to control salt levels in your food, especially if you're in an office all day long and tend to eat out most of the time. The best way to control salt intake is to have Raw food more often. Salads, nuts, poke bowls, fresh fruit etc. Are great lunch alternatives compared to fried rice and your hawker local favourite, char kway teow. Although it may be delicious, the consequence might really not be that worth to be frank.


Drink Floral Tea

Floral teas are known for their anti-oxidant properties and their ability to boost cleansing levels in ones digestive system. The compounds found in any sort of floral tea help to aid urinary and bowel movement and has been said to improve the sleep of many as well. This is one of the herbal remedies you can try out! Of course, the more of this your drink in a day, the more frequently you have to visit the bathroom to expel urine as teas are a diuretic and hence, will help fix the problem of water retention overtime.

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Increase your magnesium Intake

If you're not keen on taking dietary supplements, don't worry, you just have to increase your intake of food that is rich in magnesium. Magnesium is a very important mineral that is involved in more than 300 reactions that keep the body functioning. Increasing your magnesium intake  may help to reduce water retention. Naturally occurring amounts of magnesium can be found in a long list of veggies and fruit. Some examples include: papayas, bananas, kale, wholegrains and sweet potatoes. If you're looking for snack options, then do seek out for dark chocolate and nuts!

Consume Dandelion-based products

Dandelions have been sought as a source of natural medicine for a long time. Just like the floral tea mentioned above, dandelion is another form of natural diuretic that may not necessarily be consumed in the form of tea. Dandelion leaf extracts are used commonly as a herbal remedy for water retention and to help with circulation. Many people have experienced an increase in the amount of urine since they they started using dandelion extract daily, studies show.

Have a go at these tips and herbal remedies for water retention and let us know if they worked for you in the comments!

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