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There are several perks of being single: opportunities to find your unique voice, time that is completely yours, freedom to explore whatever or whoever you want and a space that only you can fill. However, with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, it is hard to remember these when walking through a mall bombards you with Valentine’s Day deals and barely covered babies brandishing arrows. It is no secret that society sometimes tends to overemphasise romantic love at the expense of platonic and even self love. These are some things you could do when you feel the commercialised love getting you down. Embrace the time to grow and enjoy singlehood!

1. Make a good playlist to dance to

You know how before music streaming became a thing, couples used to make mixtapes or burn CDs with meaningful songs for each other? Do that but on your chosen music streaming site and with all the tracks that you love. That’s right, pour yourself a glass of wine (or whichever preferred beverage) and bust out those dance moves. Not only is it great exercise, you can shimmy yourself into confidence and a happier life with more endorphins.

2. Treat yourself to good food


Honestly, my first love is food and if you are the same, then this might be the way to go. Treat yourself to buying from your favourite place; never mind about the calories for this one day. Alternatively you could make/bake your favourite dish as well!

3. Watch a movie by yourself

There is something exciting about being able to call the shots. You pick the movie without judgement, the snacks without catering to anyone else and the toilet breaks. You can freely weep or laugh without fear of disturbing anyone else. My choice for the occasion is Pacific Rim. There’s a story with enough meat to get into but also is balanced with robots and monsters punching each other.

4. Read a book by a park

Image cred: mvp on Unsplash

I can sense the scepticism so let me tell you why this is perfect for hanging out alone on Valentine’s Day. First of all, parks are very relaxing places – pick a place with ample shade and a breeze blowing – and in the midst of nature you can be sure to be energised. Plus in parks you’ll be mercifully free from Valentine’s Day hype. Add a great book to that and it sounds like a dream come true. I recommend detective stories like Agatha Christie’s Destination Unknown or if you would rather be exposed to more than your experience of life I suggest essay collections by people who are different from yourself. I’m reading Scaachi Koul’s One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter which is a lot less sombre than the title will have you expect.

5. Look at Art

Singapore has great exhibitions going on right now. If you want to feel inspired in your own life with the ideas that people have and decided to explore, then this may be something you should think about doing. If spending an afternoon or evening with the works of painting masters is something that excites you then you should definitely check out Century of Light at the National Gallery.

6. Make art

Image cred: Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

This could be anything! Write something or draw. Take a class in water colour painting, batik printing or stamp making. Freeing your mind from the routine and dabbling in something you have never done before will help to enhance your creativity.

7. Call a good friend

Romantic love is very hyped up this time of year but you know what else important for life? Platonic love. Friends are always there to pick you back up if you fall. Have a friend you have wanted to call and check in with for ages? Now is the time. Not only would a reconnection make you feel good, your friend will probably be happier too.

8. Do some yoga

Image cred: Austin Neill on Unsplash

Taking care of your body and mind is important. What better way to do both as you flow from one pose to another. Take a class, follow along with a YouTube video or even go to a beach to practice.

9. Finish your Chinese New Year errands

A little more on the practical side here but Chinese New Year is right around the corner. If you do not finish the tasks your parents, grandparents, or you yourself assigned at some point you can expect a lot of nagging. So save yourself the headache and finish it tonight.

10. Make a Move on Your Crush

That’s right, if you feel like now is the time then let her/him know how you feel. Who knows? Maybe the pre-packed Valentine’s Day magic will increase your chances on a date with the person you have been eyeing for weeks now. If you want to see other people attempt to ask their crushes out to fortify yourself, check out the #ValentinesDayChallenge hashtag on Twitter.

Now go forth and make your Valentine’s Day special for yourself!

Written by: Annmaria Patteri

There are two camps of people on Valentine’s Day. People who love the concept of a day to celebrate love and people who think it is a commercial scam. With prices of chocolate, flowers and stuffed toys hiked up almost twice the amount and with gaudy red and pink heart filled decorations, I don’t blame the people of the second camp. In fact, I agree. However, the romanticist in me also loves the idea of having a special day to spend together with your significant other just being appreciative.

Although Valentine's Day is over, the love with your partner isn't. With the recent passing of Valentine's Day, romance is actually still blooming in the air. So other than the obligatory grocery shopping date after Valentine’s to score all the suddenly cheap chocolate, here are some ideas that don’t completely succumb to the monstrosities of commercialism but still make your love special.

1. Black Panther Movie Date

While a movie at a cinema in the malls of Singapore is a great option (Black Panther on opening night anyone?), consider a movie under the stars or at a bar to change things up a little. It may be slightly more expensive, (Funzing has tickets going for $19 for pop up cinemas) but you do get complimentary drinks and a trendy venue.

2. Show Off Your Cooking Skills

What is sexier than a person that cooks? Trust me, the way to most people’s hearts is their stomachs, so if you decide to cook for your significant other, you may be surprised by how fun and romantic a dinner date could be. Plus if you guys cook together, not only would you be able to show off your skills, you could lip-sync love duets to each other while waiting for the food to be cooked. Quality time spent.

3. A Dinner Date at a Restaurant

But of course if neither of you can cook or do not have the energy to, don’t fret; a romantic restaurant dinner is also an option. I know Valentine’s Day dinners can get expensive. However if you look carefully you may find three course or even 4 course dinners for less than $50 a person. At Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar you can get 3-course meal for $44.50/person. The course, Love me Tender, is only available for Valentine’s Day and you get a glass of wine each to go with your dinner.  So impress your date without damage to your wallet. Plus since the place is near Botanic Garden you could also take a slow stroll by the Gardens.

4. Treat Yourselves to Some Live Music

Maybe you’ve always wanted to serenade your lover to some live music. And here in Singapore, you won't have to worry about the place to go because there are numerous bars and restaurants that offer live-singing, especially those of romantic songs that both you and your partner deem to be special. Even if you miss them for the occasion, do not worry because there's always the next date.

5. A Sports Date

If your significant other likes to be active and would rather not sit down for another dinner then maybe you could do something completely different from the usual date ideas that involve eating and shopping. Play a sport that both of you like or try something completely new. This could not only be a opportunity to show off that gym bod you have been working on but it could also show you how well you work together. If you are up for it, Clip ‘n Climb, the company from New Zealand which promises a theme park like rock climbing facility has opened its first Singaporean outlet in Tampines. With 17 different walls that are 8m high, you can be sure that your date will not be boring. Entry prices range from $18 for members, $22 for People’s Association or Safra members and $25 for guests.

Written by: Annmaria Patteri

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a chore, especially since you’ll constantly be bombarded with cliché sales tactics, accompanied with a colour scheme you won’t be able to avoid in the weeks leading up to the 14th. But there are a few ways you can cope: Forget about the whole thing and go about your routine as if it were any regular day; wallow in self-pity because you don’t have anyone to be sickeningly cute with; or make the most of your singlehood. There’s really no shortage of things to do if you’re going with the third option. Here are some ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

1. Organise a party with all your single friends


Gather all your single ladies (or bros) and have a night to remember. Bake some chocolatey sweet treats or play some laughter-inducing games aided by a healthy amount of liquid courage. And if you really want to go all out, include a secret Santa-like Valentine’s exchange, taking extra care to personalise their gifts, because we all love receiving our favourite things.

2. Catch up on your favourite TV show

Our work commitments can overwhelm us, taking away what little we have of our precious leisure time. So if you’re looking to spend V Day free of socialisation (the classic Netflix and chill, if you wish), you’re free to do just that. Add in some greasy delivery and while away the day without any unnecessary distractions. Stay away from social media for the next two days too, if you don’t want to wallow in how you spent the day (or if you’re triggered by your friends’ lovey-dovey posts).

3. Get a massage


If you just feel like spoiling yourself, why not indulge in a full spa and massage treatment? Return to work or school rejuvenated while the rest of your friends lament about how big a hole they burnt in their pockets for love, on arguably the second most expensive holiday, only after Christmas.

4. Enjoy a good book

While the couples around you partake in yet another love fest (as if their level of PDA depends on the day), you can opt to settle in a quiet corner where you know no one will disturb you, and delve into a book you haven’t had the time to read or re-read your favourite novel. Better yet, you can even enjoy your quiet time with a cup of warm herbal tea from Nilufer Tea. The fragrance of flowers and herbs will make you (almost) forget it's Valentine's Day. After all, self-love is the most important love of all.

5. Hit the gym

Get in a good workout while your friends are out stuffing their faces with too much chocolate for one day. It’ll make you feel better about spending the day alone, since those mood-enhancing endorphins are sure to put you in a euphoric state.

6. Send love someone else’s way

There are numerous ways to give back to society and this may just be the perfect day to do it. Not everyone has loved ones to care for them, so taking just a few hours out of your day may go a long way for someone who constantly spends it alone.

But if you’re the sort who’s not into grand gestures, a simple one like writing a thank you card to the barista who knows your order by heart, or even a friend who’s been there for you through thick and thin, may just put a spring in their step this Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you decide to do, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty about taking some time out for yourself. Remember, it’s just another day in the calendar year.

Written by: Anna Fernandez

Not all roses are red,
But Valentine’s Day is indeed near;
It may be time to pre-order that special bouquet,
And you needn’t look further than here.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day ? It may be time to pre-order that special bouquet. You can get special flower bouquet online. Inspired by the beauty of nature, you can rest assured knowing your Valentine’s gift is in good hands.

1. Ask A French Flowers

Aude, a founder of Ask A French Flowers is very talented and her inspirational  flower arrangement is definitely one of kind. You can check her amazing flower arrangement  at her Instagram.

Her flower arrangement is so special and featured in well known fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, marie france and Haper Bazaar etc.

You can customise the bouquet you wish to deliver to your loved one, choosing one of the four available styles: Romantic, Bucolic, Tropical Green, and Tropical Bright, and one of the three available hues: bright, pastel, and white and green.

Or, if your partner is someone who lives for surprises, you actually have the option of leaving it up to the florists to make their own unique selection and arrangement, with the freshest and most aesthetically pleasing flowers.

Ask a French Flower

Why I recommend

  • Her flower arrangement cannot go wrong
  • Full of instagram portfolios


2. Roses Only


Roses are undeniably the quintessential flower for Valentine’s Day but the flowers you decide to get your one true love don’t always have to be red.

Roses Only sells roses in all kinds of colours, including mauve, pastel pink, yellow, and cherry brandy as you can see here !

But if you want to play it safe, they have exquisitely vibrant red ones too.

Each stalk is about 70cm long and is carefully de-thorned, with their guard petals removed, so that they reach your Valentine looking their best. Some of their options also include chocolates, candles, and even a bottle of champagne, for the added sultry touch.

Rose Only Website

Why I recommend

  • Variety of colors of rose
  • Rose + chocolate, wine etc is available
  • High quality of rose used in many government awards

3. Shop Wonderland


Shop Wonderland -The café and floral studio is teaming up with local indie pop band HubbaBubbas to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember! If you are not sure about online flower bouquet shopping, you can visit their shop directly at Telok Ayer st. Florist can create any flower bouquet within your budget, too.

For Valentine, you just have to request the song by 9th February along with a purchase of a bouquet, and let the surprise take its course.
Add a personal touch to your bouquet by choosing to have a note card accompany it, with elegant handlettering by illustrator and hand-letterer Julia Liu.

Shop Wonderland

Why I recommend

  • You can actually see flowers at their shop
  • they can make a bouquet within your budget

4. Smile Floral


Go all out with rainbow-coloured flowers courtesy of Smile Floral. The hand bouquets don’t just use roses; tulips, baby’s breath, and daisies also make an appearance. Whichever flowers you desire, you can definitely rainbow them up!

And if you’re really looking to splurge this Valentine’s, wow your partner by opting for their 99 rose bouquet, with each carefully and meticulously arranged, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind gift for your gem of a date.

5. Flower Bluetooth Music Speaker + Nilufer Tea


If you’re looking to go above and beyond this Valentine’s, and want to gift your other half something different from your regular bouquet of flowers, we has got your back!

They have bell jar gifts, complete with LED lights and preserved flowers and Blue tooth Speaker !  We also add on Rose Paradise Tea with dried strawberry  (because we all know sweet treats are a surefire way to a girl’s heart).

And it’ll be for a good cause too! The social enterprise’s creations are made with love by marginalised women who have undergone training and mentorship under the BloomBack Academy.
10% profits will be donated to charity.

Nilufer Tea: Rose Paradise Tea - Organic Rose

This is the gift to pair with those beautiful blooms, Nilufer Tea's organic herbal teas ! Healthy and delicious, each type of tea is uniquely and naturally coloured by the organic and pesticide-free herbs and flowers. Together with the gorgeous flowers, they serve as a reminder of the day of romance and love.

Remember – flowers don’t last forever, but true love stands the test of time. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Written by Anna Fernandez

Nilufer Tea with Flower Bouquet

  • Price from S$150  $200
    (Shipping - Free)
  • Online order- Available

Why I recommend

  • Something practical and unique
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