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Yoga PrakRti, Aramsa The Garden Spa and Nilufer Tea came together on 15 November 2017 to prepare a special event for 10 special VIP guests. They were treated to a wonderful Yoga session and a spa session, but that wasn’t all; they were treated to beautiful organic tea blends by Nilufer Tea to end the event on a light and beautiful note.

Despite the recent rainy spells, the weather on this Wednesday was fine and sunny. It seems to be a great blessing from the skies!

To start off the event, the VIP guests were chauffeured by a limousine from Newton MRT to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, both of which are located at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest urban park developed by the National Parks. The vast greenery of the park can also be reflected on the calming and naturalised surroundings at Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa. With a forest-like atmosphere, it is certainly a break from the common concrete jungle you see in Singapore.

Stretching it out with yoga session by Misato

The yoga session takes place in a clean and whitewashed building. Upon entering, a fragrant floral scent hits your nose and relaxes your mind. Although the studio is big, the atmosphere is a cosy one and there was more than enough space for our 10 special guests. This is a great setting for the guests’ yoga session.

A minimalistic design of the area when you first enter the Green Room


A big space for the guests to comfortably experience yoga

Despite her busy schedule, Ms Jazreel Low, the founder of Aramsa The Garden Spa, greeted everyone before the start of the yoga session. A former television star, Jazreel has turned into a successful businesswoman with multiple businesses from F&B to spa services. In fact, her spas have done so well that she has also opened branches overseas, such as Bintan and Batam. To add on to her list of accolades, those branches are also featured in ClubMed which is a reputable site for holiday packages. She also shared that a Japanese restaurant will be opening Jan 2018 next to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, allowing future visitors to get their fill of Japanese delicacies after a yoga session or a spa session, or both.

The yoga session commenced shortly after Jazreel’s introduction and it was led by Misato-san from Yoga PrakRti. She has done yoga for many years and have taught yoga professionally for 8 years.

Misato started the yoga session by emphasising on the importance of breathing properly

With the many years of experience under her belt, she guided the guests in a relaxing session of yoga that focused on breathing techniques, balance, as well as stretching.

Everyone stretching in a simple yoga pose


Misato helping a guest to better the position for maximum stretch


It's actually more difficult than it looks. Misato giving a helpful lift for the guest


One of the final stretches before the session ends

At the end of the session, the guests were relaxed with smiles and joy shining from their faces.

A group shot of happy ladies who are uplifted after the yoga

Yoga can be an intense form of exercise for some people. Thus, after the yoga, the guests were treated to a spa session that would help soothe their body.

Getting relaxed and revitalised with Aramsa The Garden Spa

The spa session started with the guests changing into Japanese-styled Yukata, and then they were led to the waiting lounge. It is a beautiful room with a refreshing scent from the essential oils, and there were biscuits and a pot of delicious ginger lemongrass tea for them to enjoy. While waiting for their own personal masseuses to arrive, the guests chatted and interacted with each other, filling the room with laughs and liveliness.

Misato interacting with a guest as everyone relaxed and waited for the spa session


Everyone helping themselves to the ginger and lemongrass tea, and also the biscuits

When the masseuses arrive, each guest was paired with one of them. With a 1-to-1 ratio, every guest is paired with a specific masseuse to ensure a high level of personal touch and special attention.

Warming the body with herbal Nilufer Tea

After the relaxing massages, the guests were brimming with warm smiles on their faces and their bodies were rejuvenated. But what better than a warm beverage after the spa session? The guests were presented with their choice of organic & non-pesticide herbal tea from Nilufer Tea. There were 5 selections of the herbal tea they could choose from, and everyone managed to find their own preferred flavour to enjoy.

A display of a beautiful selection of organic herbal teas by Nilufer Tea


Cups of tea waiting for the guests to enjoy after their spa session

As Nilufer Tea uses a blend of only the finest ingredients, the teas were beautifully coloured and exuded a relaxing fragrance as the tea bags steeped in the hot water. The guests were also given a piece of dried pineapple to pair with their teas, and they were pleased with the small snack as it was unique, and the sweetness was light and not too overwhelming. As the guests sipped on their teas with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, Leah Yo, founder of Nilufer Tea, explained about the philosophy behind Nilufer Tea, and the flavourful and beneficial qualities of the herbal beverage.

The guests introduced themselves and expressed their thanks for the event. In fact, after a session of story-sharing, some of them even realised that they had been in the same school. Talk about coincidence and a small world! They were also greatly enthusiastic in commemorating the joyous event by taking many photos, and by then, we were sure that new friendships and partnerships have been forged.

Guests sharing their feelings on the event experience


A commemorative photo with our VIP guests, Misato and Leah

To end the event on a luxurious note, the guests were brought home in style in the limousine that was specially organized for them. And even though the event has ended, the memories created from this beautiful day would be hard to forget.

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Nilufer tea information



Aramsa The Garden Spa

Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931





Yoga x Luxury Spa x Organic Herbal Tea

Invitation Only Event for 10 VIPs
November 15th 2017 (Wednesday: 11:00 - 15: 00)


11: 00 - 12: 00 :  Yoga
12: 15 - 13: 15   :  Spa
13: 30 - 14: 00 :  Organic Herbal Tea

In gratitude for our loyal customers, we are inviting our VIP customers to indulge themselves with our amazing spa offer, completely free with our compliments together with Yoga.We can also indulge your senses with 100% organic cheerful teas (Nilufer Teas) after Spa. Embrace the unique bliss to be found within this enchanting space combined with our premium service.


Located in Bishan Park 2, a glass-enclosed studio resembling a forest, "Yoga Seeds " led by Misato from Yoga PrakRti with the Theme of Beauty and Health. Following Yoga, you can enjoy a 1 hour massage at the Aramsa Garden Spa, which has won numerous best spa awards in Singapore finishing with 100% organic artisan teas - Nilufer Tea.

Lucky Winner to be Invited

Thanks to Aramsa Garden Spa, Ms. Jazreel Low has offered us a great opportunity to organize this wonderful event (yoga x spa x tea). This may be the first and last time such an offering is made available, so grab this opportunity of a lifetime. Two lucky winners will be decided by way of a lottery amongst all those who applied.

Our preferences will be:
○    Those who can make a public release via their own website or FB with full Review
The application page can be found here

Aramsa Spa Review

After receiving a massage in the indulgent Aramsa Garden Spa (Aramsa, The Garden Spa) I would like to tell you about it. Inspired by Bali, here there are spacious grounds surrounded by lush greenery which I never imagined could exist in Singapore. With healing spaces where you can forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s not an exaggeration to say this spa is almost like a resort hotel. From the plants in the courtyard to the delightful fish swimming in the pond, everything seems so inviting, as if saying "Welcome to our spa".

Firstly, I’ll talk a little about the reception; you’ll be guided to the dressing room and given a gown to change into. From there, you’ll be taken to the waiting area where you can indulge yourself a little with some tea and cookies. Then, your personal masseuse will be introduced to you.

According to the spa owner, the masseuse working at the spa are only those who have at least 5 years of experience and have also passed this spa’s own strict test. By the way, the spa’s owner is none other than former model and Singaporean celebrity Jazreel Low. As a former model, she has a particular interest in beauty and health matters. She’s a super business woman, beautiful, with charming smile which attracts people instantly.

Walking from the waiting room to the massage room, seeing the size of the entire spa facilities again can feel a little overwhelming. There seems to be about 20 massage rooms in all, but you can see at a glance that each was designed with more than enough space.

When entering the room, one becomes enveloped in the scent of gentle aromas. Each room has a courtyard where you can enjoy your own little garden. The attention to detail can be seen in everything from the interior, lighting, sheets and towels right down to the aromas floating in the air.

To begin with, sitting in a chair with my feet dipped in a warm water basin, the masseuse carefully washes my feet. Following that, she presents me with a choice of three oils to use in my massage. I decide upon the lavender one, known for its relaxing effect.

Thanks to the pre-massage consultation, the massage I’m given is thoroughly satisfying. Having received massages in salons and hotels, not only in Singapore but all over the world, I can say that the treatment received here from her is very professional.

From the time I entered the reception to when I left the spa, I was met with consistent "hospitality", with the massage along right body meridian.  It was truly relaxing and altogether a wonderful experience. There’s no doubt that it must be Singapore's top aesthetic salon in terms of atmosphere, customer service and of course treatment. It was such a relaxing experience that it could even be described as unforgettable.


Review Hospitality  ★★★★★
Massage Skill  ★★★★★
Atmosphere and Hygiene ★★★★★

My Comments

It’s rare in Singapore to find an salon with such thorough hospitality. Receiving a massage in such a spacious area, surrounded by such lush greenery makes me feel very exclusive. I found this is the best place for couple spa with your husband, mom, sister or besties. Here you can find great service and wonderful atmosphere with such capable masseuse - and yet it’s still affordable. I think I would like to go to their nail salon and their hair salon attached to this spa. Access isn’t too difficult, about $10 dollars by taxi from Orchard. There’s also a bus stop located just out in front.

By Bus
Ang Mo Kio Bus interchange(136, 133 or 262)
Bus Stop B54089
Access by MRT from Ang Mo Kio, Bishan or Serangoon


About Misato (Yoga Teacher from Yoga PrakRti)


About Nilufer Tea

It’s also beneficial for your body, delicious to drink, just simply looking at it will make you feel better, thanks to the concept that herbal tea can be enjoyed by each of your five senses; not to mention the herbs are carefully packed, allowing you to make use of their natural shape.
As our closest collaborations are mainly with the farmers of Setouchi, we use only carefully selected pesticide-free organic herbs.

Through herbal tea, we provide not only the health and beauty benefits they bring but also deliver to the world a product which can tell both stories of local challenges (such as local unemployment and rural depopulation) together with stories of the blissfulness of Setouchi.
The concept is that of a small bouquet.
On pouring hot water into a glass pot, it appears as if the herbs are playfully dancing. We wish to convey our feeling of "delivering little surprises and happiness in regular daily life". Now, whose cheery face would you like to see? May our herbal tea make you and those dearest to you smile. We hope you will consider it a gift for true friends and loved ones or as a treat for yourself, all while spreading word of the charms of Setouchi.

Starting October 17, 2017, we offer tea produced by Nilufer Tea, served on the small luxury liner 'Ganzu', which can be enjoyed from a price of 400,000 to 1,000,000 yen per room per night, all while taking in views of the Seto Inland Sea.
Contact at  leah.y (at) dymarketing.sg for any event arrangement

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