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If you haven’t heard of lemon verbena, then you are definitely missing out. This phenomenal plant has been proven to provide tons of health benefits. Lemon Verbena belongs to the Verbenaceae family, and don’t be fooled by its looks, because although this tree is tiny, it contains so much goodness that it is greatly popular as a substitute of chemical allopathic medications. It has small flowers in shades of white or lilac and lance-like leaves that are laced with a strong lemon fragrance and flavour. Thus, it is no surprise that the lemon verbena essential oils are highly well-loved by many. The essential oil contains a compound known as citral that can also be found in lemon and other citrus plants. With the myriad of health benefits and its effectiveness in managing various health issues, the goodness of lemon verbena bears repeating.

Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena Leaves

Verbena leaves can be used and stored in various forms such dried leaves, fresh leaves and extract. Essential oil contained in lemon verbena has been proven to be enriched in antioxidants and confers many other health benefits. However, like almost all herbs, flowers and spices, it should be used in moderation in reasonable amounts, and not in excess.

1. Prevent cancer

After a series of research, lemon verbena has been found to contain some anti-cancer properties. It may help to prevent cancer by inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels that support the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Eventually, when the cancerous cells are deprived of nutrients, they will slowly die. Lemon verbena also contains a rich store of antioxidants that can also help in fighting free radicals which are contributor to the cancer.

2. Manage weight

Lemon verbena leaves is also similar to green tea in the sense that it contains antioxidants. As a result, lemon verbena can help remove toxins in the body and possibly bring about weight loss.

3. Strengthening muscles

Drinking verbena leaves tea helps in strengthening muscle. This benefit is quite unique and can’t be gotten from most herbal tea. It also helps in protecting the muscles from damage due to intense workout sessions therefore verbena tea is good as a pre-workout beverage.

4. Reduce joint pain

Lemon verbena has been proven to be very effective in treating joint pain compared to the regular placebo.

5. Manage sinusitis

Nasal swelling or Sinusitis can be managed, or even treated, using lemon verbena leaves when it is combined with cowslip flower, elderflower, gentian root and sorrel. Together, the combination serves as a powerhouse in relieving inflamed sinus. Lemon verbena leaves are quite safe to be used together with prescribed decongestants and antibiotics for acute sinusitis.

6. Treat sore throat

Having a congested respiratory tract and a sore throat? Lemon verbena leaves can be used to relieve the uncomfortable feeling. The herb can act like an expectorant which helps in clearing the respiratory tract, and it has also been proven to reduce throat inflammation and treat bronchitis caused by inflamed bronchus.

7. Sterilise wounds

When lemon verbena leaves are applied directly to an open wound, it can help to sterilise the wounds by killing bacteria and preventing them from infecting the wound. This is because lemon verbena contains anti-inflammatory properties which can inhibit further inflammation of the wounds, and thus soothes burns and calms down itching.

8. Eliminate lice

Many people think head lice can only be treated with chemicals and other synthetic medicine. Here’s some news for you: lemon verbena can actually get the job done as well, and probably even more effectively. You can either infuse your shampoo with lemon verbena leaves or simply add lemon verbena essential oil. The essence from the lemon verbena will help to eliminate the head lice.

9. Aids digestion

Verbena leaves improves digestion and prevents candida infection in the small intestine. It is also proven to be very effective in combating bacteria and other harmful microbes which targets the digestive tract. Better gut, better health, and better you!

10. Treat cough

Lemon verbena leaves have a similar aroma as lemon and able to treat coughs. It functions like an expectorant, eliminating mucus and relieving coughs. So instead of reaching for a nasty-tasting cough medicine, perhaps try lemon verbena to soothe your itchy throats.

Side Effects

Using lemon verbena may cause mild dermatitis, especially if you have sensitive skin. Furthermore, if you have kidney disease, it is best to avoid lemon verbena altogether because it can aggravate the condition and cause possible adverse effects on your health.

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