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For ages, milk thistle has been found to be a natural remedy for many health ailments. Among its many important uses, the one that stands out most is detoxification. Many research has been done and are still in progress to learn and understand the full extent of its usefulness. While such research is still ongoing, it has already been proven that milk thistle is packed with numerous health benefits that are definitely worth your while.

1. Encourage healthier skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body so removing toxins from the skin is of utmost importance. Milk thistle helps detoxify the liver and keeps the colon clean to encourage the elimination of toxins which leads to healthier skin.

2. Support natural detox

As we pointed out above, milk thistle detoxifies the liver. This helps to support the liver’s natural functions by facilitating the growth of new liver cells. With new and functional liver cells, the liver will be better equipped to handle and remove new and incoming toxins.

3. Promote cell growth and regeneration

Some drugs and medications such as antidepressants and cholesterol reducing prescription can harm the liver cells. Using milk thistle can help the liver to regenerate new cells. This is because milk thistle has a particular compound called silymarin which has the ability to promote the regeneration of damaged cells.

4. Promote gallbladder health

The gallbladder stores bile in the body and is located under the liver. Bile helps in digesting fats and is very important in maintaining the general well-being of the body. Milk thistle helps in detoxifying the gallbladder and prevents the formation of gallstones, which are formed when bile hardens. The presence of gallstones is harmful as this can lead to blockage of the gallbladder passageway causing pain and gallbladder attack. Thus, milk thistle helps prevent this.

5. Balances Hormone

Besides helping the body to remove toxins, the liver also has another function, which is remove excess hormones that are not needed by the body. This helps to balance the hormones level in the body, because the presence of any more, or less, hormones than needed can cause negative effects to the body. Furthermore, some females need to produce breast milk for their children, and hormones control that ability to produce breast milk.

6. Balances blood sugar

Although it’s still not clear how milk thistle does this, medical researchers suggest the antioxidants, silymarin and fatty acids contained in milk thistle helps in regulating the body insulin levels. As a result, blood sugar levels are balanced.

7. Helps seasonal allergies

Many people tend to develop some seasonal allergies such as sinuses, histaminic reactions, and inflammatory reactions. Milk thistles can help get reduce these disturbing symptoms of allergies and maybe even keep the sniffles away.

8. Aid digestion

Milk thistle helps to promote good intestinal health and treat some digestion problems like irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation due to food indigestions. Milk thistle helps to soften and moisturise the mucous membrane and heals the intestine walls, thus helping to remove symptoms of some gastrointestinal problems.

9. Ease heartburn

Many people are constantly being affected by intense heartburn and chest pain after eating certain foods. This happens when the acids present in the stomach goes into the food pipe and esophagus. Since milk thistle has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to prevent and reduce the effect of heartburn.

10. Support the kidneys

Milk thistle helps to protect the kidney and restore damaged cells in the kidney due to use of pharmaceutical drugs. Happy kidney, happy life!

Side effects of ingesting milk thistle

Despite all the great benefits of milk thistle, there can be some side effects if the herb is taken in excess or without medical supervision. Before you try the herb, it is important to do more research to make sure you are suitable for taking milk thistle as a supplement, or even simply to use it.
If you have any doubt, consult a medical specialist. The last thing you can want to have are the following symptoms that can make your life miserable:

Lavender is a little purple flower with power. It carries with it a timeless charm, a gorgeous scent and a multitude of uses. These beautiful and fragrant blossoms have been grown in gardens worldwide for centuries, with several different varieties of the plant. Of which, English, French and spike lavender are the most popular.

The said little purple flower packs a punch. Besides creating luscious lavender smudge bundles to decorate your house, we’ve rounded up 6 other magical things you can do with this wonderful herb.

1. Lavender linen water 

Since the ancient times, lavender has been used to cleanse and refresh. The word lavender has its root in the Latin word lavare, which essentially means to wash. Ancient Romans used the delightful flower to perfume their baths, bodies, beds and more, so we thought we’d recommend you to do so too!

Lavender linen water is a great addition to your regular laundry routine. Use it to fill up your iron to freshen your clothes while you press or pour it into a spray bottle and mist linens in your wardrobe.

You’ll need:

Combine the witch hazel (or vodka) and lavender essential oil in the jar and shake well for at least 20 seconds. Then, add the water to dilute the mixture and pour into your spray bottle, through the funnel. Shake well before use and mist away! You may also use the linen water as a pillow spray to help you relax and sleep better.

2. Lavender soap

Not a fan of those spray things? Use lavender to whip up a batch of all-natural, homemade soaps! It’s perfect for everyday use and even makes a divine gift for your friends. Fret not if you’re a beginner soap maker, Eve Organic Beauty’s recipe is guaranteed to be easy peasy.

Makes 8 soaps
You’ll need:

Melt the goat milk soap base cubes over a double boiler on low heat, stir mixture until melted. Add alkanet root powder into the mixture and mix well. Pour into the silicone mould and add drops of lavender essential oil. Decorate with little bits and bobs of lavender buds and let dry for at least 24 hours.

For bi-coloured soap, melt cubes in two separate double boilers to have two mixtures. Pour the white soap base, wait 10 minutes until it hardens and then pour the coloured soap base.

3. Lavender sleep sachets

Lavender is known to provide aid with stress and sleepless nights. It may not work like an over-the-counter melatonin pill, but it’s soothing scent will take the edge off your insomnia and induce sleep. In a 2006 research project, sleep-deprived college students inhaled either lavender or a placebo; those who used lavender slept better without disturbance and woke up more refreshed. Create little dreamy lavender-scented sleep sachets for a good night’s rest now. It may be all it takes for you to drift off.

You’ll need:

Fill each sachet with dried lavender flowers and add up to three drops of lavender oil. Tie tight with ribbon and place under your pillow or bedside table for restorative sleep.

4. Lavender sugar scrub

Cleanse and refresh your skin with a simple lavender  sugar scrub. Its excellent exfoliating properties will scrub off impurities and soothe all at once.

You’ll need:

Warm the coconut oil in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds. Then, mix the coconut oil and sugar together in a food processor or blender. Add dried lavender and pulse the food processor. Following so, add drops of lavender essential oil and mix well. For a purple hue, add food colouring Spoon into a glass jar and voila, you’ve made a lavender-scented sugar scrub!

5. Lavender-infused honey

Add lavender to honey for a gourmet taste and aroma! Drizzle over toast, scones, pancakes, granola… the possibilities are endless.

Makes approx. 180ml
You’ll need:

Warm honey in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir in the lavender. Let cool, cover and refrigerate overnight.

6. Lavender tea

To ease your cocktail of nerves with a natural sleep aid, boil lavender buds in water and enjoy as lavender tea. Drop in as many buds as you wish. Super fuss-free, fragrant and fun! As an alternative, feed your passion for fragrance and explore Nilüfer’s Floral Blossom tea –  it contains lavender and also includes an aromatic mélange of chamomile, cornflower, lemongrass and rose.

We hope our listed lavender-based DIY projects will enable you to learn valuable skills and have fun at the same time. Tell us which ones you dabbled in!

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