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Bored of the same ol’ stash of tea that you have in your food cupboard? Perhaps your tea needs some pep, perk and sparkle. Create a customised tea blend and delve into a magical realm of aromas, colours and flavours. We think tea blending demands more imagination than intention so break some rules and get a little playful with your tea! There are no holds barred, no set recipes or conventions – you’d never know what you’d end up with. To assist you with your little DIY project, we’ve gathered 7 essential herbs to include in your blend for an incredible herbal infusion.


1. Chamomile


Pretty and powerful, chamomile has a stellar reputation for restoration as a gentle and effective natural sedative. It calms distressed nerves, restores inner peace and is recommended for sleep relief. But that’s not all, the delicate daisy-like blossom is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too. It’s akin to a magic potion which may be used to lighten complexion, eliminate acne scars and tighten pores. Consider the addition of chamomile for a blissful and beautiful brew.

2. Cinnamon



Bask in the sweet heat of cinnamon – its complex flavour profile encompasses a warm floral note with hints of spice and honeyed fruit. Besides it’s unique smell and taste, cinnamon contains great anti-diabetic effects and a myriad of protective antioxidants, which balances your blood sugar levels, safeguards your health and defends against cancer. With all these medicinal benefits, it’d be silly not to include poor old cinnamon in your tea blend.

 3. Ginger


Ginger is an excellent digestive aid which curbs nausea and upset stomachs associated with motion sickness. And because it plays an essential role in proper digestion, it improves food absorption, prevents unnecessary belching and improves your appetite through the release of gastric acids. The fleshy herb also wards off chills, environmental allergies and even jet lag with ease. In a similar vein, ginger contains increased levels of antioxidants, which hence allows it to relieve menstrual discomfort in women.

4. Lemongrass

Another definite ingredient to include in your custom concoction would be lemongrass – an aromatic herb with a zing that soothes stomach troubles such as bloating, constipation and indigestion. It’s also known to tame high blood pressure, limit cholesterol absorption in the intestines and improve overall heart health as well.

5. Mint

Like ginger, mint presents similar benefits. It eases nausea, clears mild coughs and is employed in the treatment of various digestive ailments, such as loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome and more. If consumed post-meal, the effects of mint will reduce flatulence and speed up digestion too. Hence, after-dinner mints and mint tea are so popular. With a natural cool sensation and crisp menthol fragrance, mint also freshens your breath and palate. We think it’s a win-win situation to feel clean inside and out.

6. Rooibos

High in Vitamin C and other minerals, rooibos is a copper-red charm of earthy delight. An herb native to South Africa, it has been touted for its plethora of proven health benefits and antioxidant properties aimed at aging, common skin concerns and diseases. Regular consumption of rooibos may boost hair growth and prevent sun damage too. Did you know? Japanese women are known to drink large amounts of rooibos tea for its positive effect on skin and hair!

7. Rose hip

Rose hips are the bulbous, garnet red fruits of the rose plant which detoxifies the body due to its laxative and diuretic properties. It eliminates toxins and unwanted fats in an efficient manner. If you struggle with constipation or a low metabolism rate, the said herb can be a key ingredient for your tea blend. Rose hip will impart a tart taste to your tea so be reminded to pair it with a sweet ingredient if you do find it too sharp.

Above all, have fun and relish your cup of tea, your way! But in any case, if laziness takes over, we’ve got you covered with our delicious Nilufer Tea organic herbal teas that contain many of the above beneficial herbs. Check them out here!

Written by: Valerie Tan

Do you find yourself grateful that on Monday you can start afresh?

Whatever happened the week before, or at the weekend, can almost be forgiven as we say, “ok new week, new start”

Monday starts great, good intentions carry into Tuesday, we may even get in a workout but then the old habits start to slide in.

You wake up late, no time for breakfast, but coffee perhaps? The workload starts to pile up, going out for lunch has to take a backseat so you grab what you can at your desk, by the evening you’re exhausted and a big, satisfying comfort meal makes all the stress go away….

These are the perpetual habits I see from most of my clients who when they start working with me have not yet managed to master the art of food preparation.

You see, willpower is not enough! Why? Well our genetic make-up designed us to crave highly sugar based food (carbs convert to sugar) and we create instability in our blood sugar by skipping meals, we’re overstimulated through caffeine when our body is tired. All this will lead us directly towards making poor food choices. Our caveman genetics knew that sugar was an instant form of energy & doesn’t really care that our modern brain wants us to crave & choose food that will allow us to maintain a certain aesthetic appearance as well as a tank of energy that can fuel long days of burning the candle!

Food Prep Sunday has become part of my life because;

  1. My willpower will lead me to foods that don’t serve me well
  2. I don’t have time to cook hearty meals or even think about what I want to eat once the week has started
  3. I don’t want to yo-yo diet

We all have way too much to think about every day, so I developed this simple formula to my food prep days, which allows me to have quick go-to's, that can be assembled easily or create a meal in very little time ie 15 minutes or less;

  1. Cook 1-2  starchy vegetables or carbohydrate, eg rice, oats, sweet potato, pumpkin
  2. Have 3-4  easy vegetable options eg mixed salad leaves, roasted carrots, frozen spinach, tomatoes, avocado
  3. Have 2-3 protein choices pre-boiled eggs, roast chicken, baked tofu, cooked lentils

These items prepared & cooked where relevant on Sundays give me freedom to just assemble based on what I fancy & of course what needs eating first

Preparing your meals in advance minimises failures and above all allows you to sustain a long term healthy lifestyle


Ginger, an aromatic and spicy root, has been used throughout time in various cultures. Ayurverda often refers to this root as a universal medicine while Chinese medicine believes ginger restores Yang or hot energy.

With a host of powerful healing abilities, there’s hardly any reason not to add ginger tea into your routine!

1.Treats nausea & vomiting

If you experience motion sickness on your journeys, try having a cup of organic  ginger tea before your flight or drive. Ginger tea has been used to settle a variety of stomach problems like morning sickness and stomach ache for thousands of years for good reason. The ability of ginger to soothe a troubled stomach makes it a great travel companion the next time you feel nauseous!

2.Improves digestion

No one enjoys going to bed feeling bloated. A cup of ginger tea before sleep can solve this as it relieves gas, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed!

Ginger tea can also be a natural remedy for other more serious digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Ginger can help soothe your digestive system during a flare-up, easing any painful symptoms you may experience. The versatility of ginger to treat a whole host of digestive problems makes it a great natural remedy to a troubled stomach!

Image cred: pixabay

3.Reduces inflammation

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea is an ideal home remedy to cure any muscle and joint pains. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or any inflammation of the joints, ginger can help reduce swelling within sore muscles and joints. The next time you experience sore muscles or joints, reach out for ginger tea to relieve pain naturally.

4.Cure for the common cold

The common cold often comes with sore throat, coughing and a runny nose- Nothing ginger can’t cure! This root contain antiviral properties that help clear any nasal congestion and relieve pain. If you’re down with a common cold, ginger tea can help soothe and ensure you make a speedy recovery!


Image cred: pixabay

5.Improves blood circulation

The active compounds found in ginger help improve blood circulation thus, preventing chills, excessive perspiration and fever. Drinking organic ginger also goes a long way in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

6.Treats menstrual pain

If your period pains often leave you curled up in a ball, try ginger tea for a natural pain relief. Soak a towel in steaming ginger tea and apply it to your lower abdomen. This will help your abdominal muscles relax, providing instant relief. While you’re relaxing, treat yourself to a cup of ginger tea with lemon or honey to mask the strong taste.

Image cred: pixabay

7.Boosts your immune system

Drinking a cup of organic ginger tea regularly will help keep you healthy due to its rich amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital in ensuring your immune system is strong enough to ward off any sickness.

8.Protects against Alzheimer’s disease

In a study where 60 middle-aged women were given ginger extract or a placebo, researchers found those that consumed ginger experienced an improvement in working memory. Ginger is capable of enhancing memory and brain function, guarding against Alzheimer’s Disease. Some studies attribute ginger’s ability to prevent age-related decline in brain function due to its potential to fight inflammatory responses that occur in the brain.

9.Helps with weight loss

If you need help shedding those extra pounds, try adding organic ginger tea into your daily routine. This quality tea can help speed up metabolism, increasing the amount of calories burnt. Ginger can also keep hunger pangs at bay by making you feel satiated for longer, preventing you from over-eating.

10.Post-workout fuel to relieve muscle soreness

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can help soothe any muscle soreness after exercise. In a study where participants were given either raw ginger, heated ginger or a placebo after intense exercise, researchers found those that took ginger felt less pain than the others. If your workouts leave you feeling sore, treat yourself to ginger for a tasty reward that is sure to help your body recover faster.

Image cred: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

With this range for health benefits, it’s no surprise ginger has been used throughout millennia as an ingredient in natural remedies. Why not treat yourself to a brew of this tea and experience the benefits for yourself?

Organic food seems to be all the rage these days but what makes it better? Some swear by organic food’s more unique and wholesome taste compared to conventional produce. While tastier produce is in itself a compelling reason to switch, there are other reasons why going organic might be the smart move for both your health and the environment.

Organic food: Bye to Pesticides

Image cred: Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash

Non-organic food are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals to avoid getting damaged by bugs. However, this also means that when you eat the produce, you end up consuming toxic chemicals. Even when authorised for farming use, some of these pesticides are recognised as potential carcinogens. The effects of all the consumed toxic chemicals building up over the years may result in overall decreased health and ailments.

Organic food in comparison is less exposed to harmful pesticides, making it the healthier choice for your body. A research study found organically grown crops consistently had around a third as many pesticide residues than non-organic produce. Furthermore, organic produce were far less likely to have residues from more than a single pesticide.

Why Organic Herbal Tea?


Image from nilufer_tea instagram

That cup of non-organic tea may not seem much of a health risk but non-organic teas are often dried without being rinsed.  This mean all those pesticides and synthetic chemicals are dried on the leaf, which may end up in your cup. While some pesticides and fertilizers are removed during tea processing, many of these chemicals are water soluble. This means such chemicals are often still present in the leaf even after processing and are removed when the leaves are brewed. This inevitably compromises the quality of your brew and may pose potential health risks.

Organic farmers turn to more natural practices for a more sustainable and environmental-friendly harvest. This is reflected in the often fuller and richer flavours of tea along with packing more nutritional benefits. Studies have shown that organic foods are often higher in nutrients, minerals and vitamins than genetically modified food or non-organic produce.

Going organic for the environment

Image cred: pixabay

Not only is the heavy use of pesticides bad for your body, it is damaging to the environment as well. Conventional farming methods include the repeated and heavy usage of artificial fertilisers and synthetic pesticides on crops. When spraying chemicals over immense areas, it is inevitable that some of these chemicals will end up in the surrounding landscape and be washed into nearby rivers. Such practices are unsustainable for the earth and contribute to the environmental pollution and the declining health of wildlife.

Non-organic foods produced using chemicals put a strain on the environment. Going organic signals a support for organic farmers who ensure their processes are sustainable and earth-friendly. Organic farming practices are designed to benefit the environment by reducing pollution and conserving both water and soil quality.

Organic: The better choice for you

Image cred: pixabay

Adopting an organic diet may seem daunting to its higher prices and smaller range but being healthy is the best investment you can make! After all, going the extra mile for our health now means a lower risk of having to seek medical treatment later on in life. The choice to go organic means saying no to unnecessary chemicals and pesticides often found in everyday foods.

When it comes to organic herbal tea, there’s more than meets the eye. Herbal teas pack a punch when it comes to health benefits. Here are some interesting facts about herbal teas that you may not have known about!

Rose Tea: Relief for Menstrual pain

The mention of roses conjures romantic images of flower bouquets or petal-strewn beds, but rose tea also helps alleviate menstrual cramps. This sweet tea improves blood circulation, which helps regulate menstruation and relieve any pain. Rose tea is recommended to be drunk before and during one’s period to ease any heavy blood flow and make your period more comfortable.

Treat yourself to a brew of rose tea when you anticipate that time of the month coming. The floral aroma and sweet palate of our rose paradise tea is sure to please your senses. What a better way to indulge than knowing you’re doing your health a favour as well!

Chamomile Tea: Secret to Silky locks

An organic herbal tea made out of dried chamomile flowers, this infusion can help revitalize dull, tired-looking hair. Chamomile tea can help strengthen your hair, giving it a glossier look. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea also help relieve any scalp irritation by eliminating dandruff.

If hair products and a hectic lifestyle have left your locks looking dry, pop a chamomile tea bag in a cup of hot water. The mild, clean taste of this brew is sure to cleanse your palette, making it easy to incorporate into your diet. This organic herbal tea is sure to improve not just your hair but your overall well-being!

Red Rooibos Tea: Natural Defense against disease

This organic herbal tea contains polyphenols that are antioxidants found in plants. Red rooibos tea contains almost 50% more polyphenols than green tea. Polyphenols help keep cancer at bay, keeps your heart healthy and acts as a natural defense against inflammation.

Red rooibos tea is mildly sweet, making it a tasty treat that boosts your immune system as well. Our ginger rooibos tea is paired with apple mint and ginger- A herbal infusion that is sure to please your taste buds. Next time you feel yourself coming down with a flu or a cold, pop a red rooibos tea bag in a cup of hot water to brew. This organic herbal tea is sure to boost your immune system!


In our previous post on the blog, we have shared that we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Yoga Seeds' 4th anniversary celebration. It was such an enriching experience for the Nilufer team as well as for the attendees as we had some fruitful discussions about the perks of taking organic herbal teas. These pictures speak a thousand words.

Photo with Wendy, the Founder of Yoga seeds (right)

Tea samples

Tea booth display

Exclusive goody bag

Lady-boss Leah educating the others on Nilufer Tea

All smiles



Matching instructor shirts

Even more smiles

A very satisfied Leah

The power of 4

Group shot!


We are looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with Yoga Seeds!

If you are part of a yoga studio or know anyone with similar visions in mind, please drop us a note! We love meeting new people.

Photos by Kristabelle Tobing 

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