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When our bodies retain more water than needed, for some or the other reason, it leads to edema, or also known as water retention. The said accumulation of excessive fluid in the cavities or tissues of our bodies may occur due to various reasons:

• Dehydration
• Lack of exercise and unbalanced diet
• Liver and kidney disorders
• Menstruation, menopause
• Poor circulation
• Vitamin deficiencies

In fact, one reason why many ladies are adverse upon hearing the term 'water retention' is because it confers a bloated appearance that makes them look bigger than how their bodies actually are.

Although water retention usually does not cause serious health problems, it may affect your health in the long run. The excess water may be retained in areas such as the feet, ankles and other lower parts of the body. This is due to the work of gravity pulling the water downwards. As a result, those areas may look swollen and can cause discomfort in some cases.

Hate that sluggish, stiff and swollen feeling in your body? Here are some herbs you can consider as a natural reliever of water retention to reduce the dreaded symptoms and lower water retention!

1. Dandelion

Image cred: silviarita on Pixabay

Not only is the light fluffy dandelion pleasing to the eyes, especially those of children, the premier herbal also acts as a gentle and diuretic tonic for our bodies. It contains a series of medicinal values which allows it to reduce liver, kidney, heartburn and digestive troubles. Of which, dandelion flushes out excess fluids, salt and foreign substances through increased urination. Take it as supplements or boil into tea, but be warned, some individuals may be allergic to dandelion so consult a medical professional before consumption!

2. Fennel

Image cred: congerdesign on Pixabay

If you love spicy herbs for their unique flavour and fragrance, then you'll be glad to familiarise yourself with fennel. It is a spicy, aromatic herb which reduces blood pressure, relieves gas and aids water retention. Drinking fennel tea on a regular basis can help flush out excess fluids. As a treat for your face, you can also place fennel teabags under eyes to soothe puffy eyes caused by awful fluid retention, thus giving your eyes a lighter and wakeful appearance. The scent of fennel is akin to aniseed and liquorice so this herb might require some form of acquired taste. But once you get into fennel, you'll never go back!

3. Lemon

Image cred: rawpixel on Pixabay

There cannot be anymore good things to be said about lemons! Besides being a fruit that assist in detoxifying the body, the lemon juice allows kidneys to function with ease, through a deep cleanse of excess fluid and other nasties. Its tangy flavour is also pleasant on the palate, so it is no wonder people often drink lemon water, as it gives the water a great taste and also confers to it a wealth of health benefits. Add honey and warm water for a delicious concoction, or mix lemon juice and parsley juice to combat water retention.

4. Linden flower

Image cred: zvaigznulietus on Pixabay

Known to promote perspiration and detoxification, the beautiful linden flower tea brews a cup of potent goodness. It contains a high concentration of beneficial phytonutrients and other diaphoretic substances, which hence allows linden to induce toxin release along with excess fat, water and salt in our bodies. Furthermore, it has been well-documented that phytonutrients are also great for the skin by giving it a youthful complexion. Sip on some linden flower tea now and settle your bloated stomach (or other swollen parts) in no time!

5. Hibiscus

Image cred: websi on Pixabay

Pretty, powerful and packed with diuretic properties, hibiscus is an ancient flower that promises more than just a pop of colour. Hibiscus tea and its extracts have been used to prevent fluid retention, water weight gain, bloating and puffiness since forever. It may taste a little tart (like cranberries) so add some honey for a more pleasant pot of tea. If you prefer a floral blend with a mix of floral aromas, try our Rose Paradise tea – it includes hibiscus too! The beautiful blend of roses and hibiscus will transport you to a whole new garden filled with flowers.

Know any other natural remedies for water retention that we haven’t mentioned? Share your experience with us! In the meantime, remember to hydrate well and get regular exercise because it prevents the storage of fluids in unnecessary parts of our bodies.

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