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Join us this Saturday to celebrate Itto and Lim's 1st Anniversary with these local talents. If you're a fan, come by and meet these inspirational people.

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Kllylmrck (kelly limerick)

Kelly, also known as @kllylmrck is known as the crochet fairy of sg. She does a variety of crochet works and art-pieces. Some of which have even been funded by some large organisations in Singapore. Known for her eccentric style and bold fashion tastes, she is definitely someone you can take inspiration from.

more about the artist:

Kelly Limerick is the pseudonym of Singaporean-born artist Kelly Lim.
She picked up crochet in 1997 when she was 7 years old, she then taught herself knitting, and has since been coming up with her original designs for both mediums.

With yarn as her most familiar medium, Kelly often designs without set patterns to produce unique, one-off designs that are almost impossible to replicate.

Combining her various techniques with the abstract images in her head, Kelly hopes to breathe life into her art, giving each piece a personality of its own.

Check out her online profile and her works here

Instagram: @kllylmrck

Website: http://www.kllylmrck.com/artist/


Teresa Lim

Teresa lim is an artist who is interested in illustration, embroidery and surface pattern design. Teresa's personal design philosophy fuses three of her interests, Illustrations, Embroidery and surface pattern design together. Her designs seek to blur the lines and boundaries between being an illustrator and a textile designer.

more about the artist: 

Her works are largely inspired by themes revolving around gender and womanhood and has showcased her works in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Japan. Some of her international clients include H&M, Swarovski, Gucci, Coach and Olympus to name a few. She absolutely loves reading and catching up on tv shows on netflix.

check out her online profile and her works here

Instagram: @teeteeheehee
website: http://www.teeteeheehee.com

The letter J supply

Joanne trained as a graphic designer but she picked up the art of calligraphy whilst on holiday in New York. These lessons had a great impact on her having an eye for art; upon returning to Singapore she felt drawn to writing with her hands instead of gadgets and gizmos,  and she slowly steered away from designing with the computer.
More about the artist:
It may seem like it's taking a step backwards but calligraphy has taught her so much about perseverance, becoming more human and working more with her heart than head. She believes that words are powerful and that art can change an atmosphere of a space. Currently running The Letter J Supply, Joanne makes customised pieces for clients, and retails her work at lifestyle shops in Singapore.
Her studio is located at 30A Seah Street. Singapore.
check out her online profile and her works here
Instagram:  @theletterjsupply
Website: https://www.theletterjsupply.com/ 

Tyla Lim

Tyla Lim is a local calligraphy artist and illustrator.
Check out more about her profile and her works here.
Instagram: @Worthawhile.sg
Website: https://www.behance.net/tylalim


YT Tommy Lee is a freelance illustrator based in Singapore.
more about the artist: 
She works with both digital and traditional mediums to create visuals that carry a sense of quiet contemplation.
Check out more about her profile and her works here.
Instagram: @whitelightchase
Website: http://yttommylee.com/

Aiwei Foo

Aiwei Foo is a local artist, designer, illustrator and musician.
check out her works on her online profile here
Instagram: @awfoo
Website:  http://aiweifoo.com/

Ying Nuo

Ying Nuo is a local illustrator with a unique sense of style.
check out her works on her online profile here
Instagram: @n.uo
Website: https://www.instagram.com/n.uo/ 

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