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"When life gives you lemon, make lemonade."

This proverbial phrase has stuck around since time immemorial - and for a good reason. Few fruits can be as versatile as lemons. On their own, they might be a bit too sour to the taste, but when paired with sweet or savoury flavours, they spice things up a notch.

Apart from their culinary uses, lemons actually house a multitude of health benefits. Starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon can go a long way in protecting your health. Read on to find out how incorporating lemons into your diet can offer a plethora of  various health benefits!

1. Maintains body pH 

Although lemons are high in citric acid, once digested, their minerals are dissociated in our bloodstream, which actually helps to alkalise our bodies. More often than not, our bodies are more acidic due to the large amount of meat and carbohydrates we consume. Consuming insufficient fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline in nature, can also result in an imbalanced body pH. A body pH that is too acidic can result in various diseases - such as eczema, acne, and premature aging.

2. Prevents weight gain

Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which can help to fight cravings and make you feel full for a longer period of time. Thus, before every meal, drink a glass of lemon water with honey to prevent over-eating, and prevent the extra pounds from packing on!

3. Strengthens the immune system

Lemons have a high vitamin C content, which are powerful in boosting the immune system. By enhancing T-cell proliferation, Vitamin C helps to prevent allergies. However, since Vitamin C is not synthesised by our bodies, we have to religiously ensure that we hit the daily requirement of 500mg a day. While Vitamin C tablets can help to do the trick, turning to natural fruits and vegetables is still the best way.

4. Improves appearance of skin

A cup of warm lemon water can go a long way in clearing up your skin and giving you that fresh, clear complexion you have always wanted. The high Vitamin C and antioxidant content in lemons help to reduce skin aging by improving collagen production. No wonder Vitamin C facial products are always such a hit!

5. Aids with digestion

Incorporating lemons into your diet, be it through eating them directly or adding them to a glass of water, can help to improve digestion by increasing bile production, and flushing out toxins and unwanted materials out of the body. Lemons can also reduce symptoms of indigestion such as bloating.

6. Lowers risk of kidney stones

The high content of citric acid in lemons can help to lower the risk of kidney stones, a study conducted at the American Urological Association reveals. Citric acid can help to eliminate or slow down the formation of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which helps to reduce the formation of crystals.

7. Keeps scurvy at bay

Although scurvy is no longer as prevalent as it was before, it still affects some adults, who are severely deficient in Vitamin C. In order to keep this debilitating disease at bay, ensure that you consume a sufficient amount of Vitamin C a day!

8. Cleanse the body of toxins

Lemon has always been known for its naturally detoxifying properties - many people add lemons into their detox plans to help them flush out toxins from their body. By acting as a gentle and natural diuretic, lemons increase the rate of urination and helps to increase the rate of toxin removal from our body.

9. Improves blood circulation

Vitamin P, which are bioflavonoids that help Vitamin C perform its function, are found in lemons. Vitamin P can help to strengthen blood vessels and therefore improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

10. Improves function of the nervous system

Lemons are also high in potassium, which works hand-in-hand with sodium to transmit signals from the brain to the nervous system. Low potassium levels in the body can actually result in anxiety and depression.

As seen above, a small, unassuming lemon can actually house so many health benefits - there's no reason now to not incorporate lemons into your diet! If you are finding difficulty doing so, try the Floral Blossom Tea, or the Lemon Chamomile Tea from Nilufer Tea for an all-natural way of incorporating lemons into your diet. Nilufer Tea only uses lemons sourced from Setouchi, a quiet city in the Southern Okayama Prefecture in Japan. These lemons are organic and 100% pesticide and impurity free.

Acai berries? Nah, lemons are a much cheaper and accessible alternative. Be it directly from the fruit, or from herbal teas, be sure to get your fix of lemons today and reap the multitude of health benefits!

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In the colour spectrum, yellow is the brightest colour and the most striking to the human eye. That radiance and brightness can be found in one of the more detoxifying fruit: lemon.

Heart Shaped Lemons from Nature

Hailing from Setouchi, Nilufer Tea's heart shape lemons are pretty on the eyes and healthy for consumption. The plantations that grow the lemons receive ample sunlight, water and lots of fresh air. As a result, the lemons take on the qualities of the environment and are translated into tasty lemons.


Due to the plantations' practice of ethical farming, no pesticides are used and the lemons are organically farmed. You can simply go to the farm and take a bite of the lemon without worrying the chemicals culminating in your body. The farmers take pride in their plantations and have painstakingly ensure that only best lemons are given to you.

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Heart shaped Lemon ♥

You might be wondering: how does the lemon become a heart shape?

Image cred: @askafrench on Instagram

When the lemon is still young and growing, a heart-shaped mold is used to cover the fruit. As the lemon continues to grow, it is shaped into the mold and becomes a heart shape.

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Let's eat lemons !

Being part of the citrus family, lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C which brings us an array of benefits. It helps our cells to regenerate so that our skin remains youthful, decrease the bad cholesterol that causes health problems, prevent scurvy, and also helps our body to absorb iron better.

But vitamin C is not just lemon's forte of rich nutrition. Unlike other citrus fruits, lemons have a unique sour taste that holds a hint of sweetness to give you a bit of that sour buzz. That is why lemons are often used in different cuisine to give a splash of freshness to the dish.

Lemons are undoubtedly more sour than other fruits as it contains more citric acid. This acid helps to improve the process of digestion and also the production of digestive juices. As a result, lemons can help to cleanse the gut and remove toxins through bowel movement.

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Just like a heart shape lemon, Nilufer Tea aims to bring you the heart of wellness. These lemons are not only pretty, but also healthy. At the same time, we support these small farms which place ethical farming at the heart of their profession. Due to the high quality control by both the farmers and Nilufer Tea, heart shaped lemons can be limited and are only available at the peak of its harvest. But like everything that is worth having, sometimes we just have to wait.

As now is the optimal harvest, Nilufer Tea is ready to ship all orders of heart shape lemon! Get yours here now for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
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Out of the family of citrus fruit, lemon would probably be one of the top in terms of popularity. This is not surprising, seeing that lemons are rich in vitamins and other forms of goodness that can enhance your health. Furthermore, they have a unique tanginess and an uplifting scent which make it a good accompaniment to certain foods.

While many people only use lemons for their pulp and juices, it is less wasteful if the entire lemon is utilised, and this can be done. The lemon contains 3 main usable parts: pulp, pith, and peel (or some call it the skin).


Pulps are vesicles that contain the juice of the lemon. To extract the juice from the lemon pulp, you can manually squeeze the lemon or simply place it in a juicer.

Benefits: Lemon juice holds so much goodness that you’ll probably want to reach for some now. It is famously known as a rich source of vitamin C, but there are also many other minerals and nutrients that you didn't know it has, such as potassium, folate, vitamin B6, thiamine, copper, magnesium and vitamin E. With so much healthy goodness, it is no wonder that so many people adopted lemon water as part of their morning ritual.

How to use it: Lemon juice is versatile in terms of its usage. You can add it into water to create lemon water, and lemon water itself also has a host of benefits. Besides that, you may also add fresh lemon juice into your teas instead of buying ready-made lemon teas, which usually is high in sugar and possibly preservatives as well. In terms of food, you can add lemon juice to spruce up your dishes and make them more flavourful.

Image cred: Dirty Weights


As with all citrus fruits, the pith is one of the bane of annoyance. It is the bitter part that makes eating citrus fruits troublesome because of the need to scrape it off. However, it is also probably the more misunderstood part of the lemon because of its bitterness. Surprisingly, it contains many nutrients as well, and they can add a boost to your health if you consume them properly.

Benefits: For one, the pith contains fibre which makes bowel movement easier. Also, it is a great source of antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of cancers and lower cholesterol. These are only the tip of the lemon pith iceberg, as there are also many vitamins and minerals in the pith.

How to use it: As lemon piths are bitter, it can be slightly disheartening to swallow it. Instead of enduring the bitter taste, you can add them into smoothies. Smoothies are generally sweet so that would cover the bitterness while letting you enjoy the health benefits of the lemon pith.


Lemon peels have an essence of their own. That is why lemon peels are cold-pressed to produce the lemon oils that are usually used in aromatherapy. They are rich in nutrients to help improve various parts of your body. However, it is important to take note that should you wish to use lemon peels, you should always use those from organic lemons. Organic lemons do not have pesticides or layers of chemical waxes, and this makes them safer to consume compared to those commercially grown and farmed.

Benefits: Lemon peels can contain at least 5 times the amount of vitamins found in lemon juice. There are also other chemical compounds that are greatly beneficial to the health, such as salvestrol Q40 and limonene which help to fight cancer, polyphenol flavonoids which can assist in clearing blood vessels that are blocked by cholesterol, and calcium which promotes stronger bones and better bone health.

How to use it: Grate lemon zest over your meats, fishes, desserts or beverages as garnish and an extra boost of nutrients to your food. It is important to reiterate that you should only use lemon peels from organic lemons.

Image cred: Food by Ayaka


Lemons provide a vast amount of health benefits and they also serve as flavourful additions to food. They can also be made into teas, which is what Nilufer Tea specialises in. Nilufer Tea only uses organic Setouchi lemons which grown in hillsides with ample sunshine and fresh ocean air. You can definitely taste the best of nature as the lemon touches your tongue.

With such high quality lemons, the citrus-based teas are not only bursting with lemony flavour and goodness, but they also boost your health one teabag at a time. If you simply want to add a tangy flavour to your beverages, you can also get Nilufer Tea’s heart-shaped lemons. Their cuteness and lovely shape will make your beverage look more beautiful and lift your mood as well.

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