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Water is the lifeline of all living things. You can survive weeks without food, but you cannot go on without water for days. After all, humans are made up of around 70% water. If you don’t drink enough water, your complexion becomes less bright, your brain will only be suboptimal and you will feel lethargic. And these are only the tip of the iceberg as there are also many more negative effects that comes with not drinking enough water.

Could you replace water with other liquids like coke or coffee then? While they do provide hydration, they are different from water due to their lower water potential. While you do quench your thirst with these beverages, they don’t help to give you the true hydration you need. In fact, you will become thirstier after consuming them.

There is nothing that can replace the benefits of water. But if you seldom drink water because you find the taste boring, then you are in for a surprise: water doesn’t have to taste plain. And that is where infused water comes in.

What is infused water?

Infused water is water that has herbs and fruits infused in it. Therefore, the water has both the benefits and flavour of the added ingredients. With a better flavour, you may be more enticed to drink water, which is a good thing.

For those who are already drinking water regularly, infused water will also do wonders for you. During the infusion period, the essence of the herbs and fruits will be released into the water along with the water-soluble vitamins. Therefore, your body get to have additional vitamins while hydrating your body.

Benefits of Infused Water

Infused Water Flushes Toxins Out of Your Body

Drinking plain water already helps you to run to the washroom, but drinking infused water takes that to another level. Depending on the herbs and fruits that you infuse into your water, the infused water can help you flush more toxins out of your body. As a result, you will feel yourself feeling lighter, your mind clearer and your energy levels higher.

Infused Water Makes You Excited To Drink Water

Some people don’t like to drink water due their plain taste. That is why the beverage industry makes millions by manufacturing flavoured water which may have added chemicals or preservatives. You pay so much money for water that may not even be good for you. Do yourself a favour and make your own infused water. The infused water that you make will have any flavour and taste you desire. Want a fruity tasting water? Add strawberries, lemons or watermelon. Seeking for a more earthy and refreshing taste? Try mint, cucumber or basil into your water. You get to be a mixologist of your water!

Infused Water Clears Your Skin

With the additional vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and herbs, your infused water will be like a splash of vitamins and all things good for your skin. Antioxidants from blueberries or strawberries that you infuse your water with, can help to reduce free radicals in your body, and thus help to prevent anti-aging. Vitamins can help to give your face the glow and healthfulness that you are looking for. For example, if you infuse lemons or other citrus fruits into your water, your water will be rich in vitamin C that can help to brighten your skin.

Infused Water Saves your Wallet

If the fact that you need water to survive is not pragmatic enough for you, then this will do the trick: infused water helps you to save money. By infusing your own water, you should not have an excuse to go running out and buying fruit juices, or flavoured vitamin waters that may have other chemical ingredients but are marketed as being “great for your health”. As a result, you save money on buying bottled drinks that you think you need, but you really don’t. Try infused water for a month or two, and you may be surprised at how much money you save from buying unnecessary drinks. But if you really need to get your daily cuppa or tea, then go ahead and don’t let infused water stop; we won’t judge.

How to Infuse Water

Infusing water is simple. You simply need cut fruits or herbs that you want to add into your water, and add them in. It’s that simple! Fruits such as lemons, strawberries and blueberries are great for giving the water a flavourful body, and herbs like basil, mint or rosemary gives an earthy and refreshing taste. All fruits and herbs are potential candidates for infusing water, so go ahead and experiment to find the flavour and taste that you’ll love!

Is your pick-me-up a cup of chai? Do you head to the herb cabinet for some garlic when you’re feeling flu-ish? Does your mom’s nagging come to mind when you put a pinch of turmeric into your cup of warm milk? If your answer is yes for even one of the above, then chances are, you’re already practising Ayurveda.

Ayurve-wha? It is only the world’s oldest system of holistic medicine that has a longer history than traditional Chinese medicine. The idea of Ayurveda was born over 5000 years and it is the sister science of yoga. The two are often practised together for a better mind-body balance. In fact, Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ‘the knowledge of life’. Devout followers believe that the route to wellness is to have a full and intimate knowledge of your life. Everything is interconnected, from our digestion to our dreams and hopes.

Not sure where to start? Peek into your pantry, and you’ll be surprised to know that some of your everyday groceries are, in fact, Ayurvedic staples. Learn more below!


Aspiring yogis, take note! Consumption of turmeric was first advocated by yogis who claimed it enhanced flexibility and joint integrity. Recent studies found that the bright yellow plant also help purifies the blood and the channels of the body. It improves the skin's complexion, bringing circulation and nutrition to the epidermal layer. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants makes it the ingredient of choice for acne-prone skin. Is it any wonder people call turmeric the spice of life?

How to have it: Take a pinch or any desired amount of turmeric powder into stir-fries for an earthy flavour. Another great way to use it is to add it into how milk and drink with honey before you hit the sack.


Do you remember the little seed pods you bite into when you chow down on a plate of Indian biryani? These are cardamom seeds - one of the most common ingredients in Indian cuisine. It is a natural tranquiliser, bringing you calm that helps to increase the clarity of your mind. This wonder herb also neutralises the acidity of coffee. So here’s a perfect excuse to order some masala chai after lunch!

How to have it: Add the pods or powder to brew coffee or tea to bring out that spicy flavour. You can also boil it in warm milk before bed.


Ginger is no stranger to most Singaporeans, who probably have consumed it in chicken rice, xiao long bao or in other foods. But did you know that it’s also an Ayurvedic staple? As a powerful anti-inflammatory herb, ginger soothes and heals the digestive tract. Thus, ginger tea is also often prescribed as a home remedy for stomach issues. Some studies have suggested the herb may have the potential to be a preventative ingredient against colon cancer and ovarian cancer. What can’t this herb do?

How to have it: Grate some ginger into your black tea during the day, or boil ginger in warm milk before bed. As a start, you can try our Ginger Rooibos tea for a midday boost.


Your bathroom is probably filled with mint-related products. But did you know that mint is also a great palate cleanser? It promotes digestion and soothes the stomach in case of indigestion or inflammation. It is also a lifesaver for people with nausea or motion sickness. Mint leaves or pudina also have antibacterial properties, which fight against harmful microbes in the body.

How to have it: Crush fresh mint leaves into your iced tea, or dab some peppermint oil onto your temples. You can also try our Blue Ocean tea which has a rich minty flavour along with a ton of antioxidants from the butterfly pea.


It’s no coincidence that rose is associated with love and caring in Ayurveda. With its cooling nature, rose governs the emotions of the heart and calmness of the mind. People have historically consumed rose petals to improve cardiovascular health, fight inflammation, improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. For ladies, rose serves additional benefits as it combats stress, menstrual pain, and insomnia.

How to have it: Have a cup of rose tea as you wind down for the day. You can try our Signature Rose Paradise tea, which features a blend of rose petals, hibiscus and strawberry. It’s a favourite of people who like their teas subtle and fragrant!

When you think of tea, brands like Lipton, Harney & Sons and The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. may undoubtedly cross your mind. And when you think of herbal tea, most people will think of the Chinese herbal teas that you will either love or dislike. If your idea of tea has been one that tea must either be black, green, or the kind of Chinese cooling tea, then you’ll probably change your mind after this, because Nilufer Tea brings you another kind of herbal tea that is beautiful, healthful and delicious.

Who is Nilufer Tea?

Nilufer Tea is founded by Leah Yo. The name was inspired by Leah’s ex-boss when she was still working in marketing in the corporate environment. Leah’s ex-boss was an elegant lady, blooming with grace yet maintaining a sense of professionalism in her line of work. ‘Nilufer’ means ‘water lily’ in Persian, so it is no wonder why Leah attributed the beautiful pink flower to her. After all, the water lily is a resilient flower that exudes a unique classiness, much like her ex-boss.

With an outstanding role model in mind, Nilufer Tea was born.

What is Nilufer Tea?

Nilufer Tea aims to bring quality herbal tea to everyone. Each teabag is handcrafted with woven silk and filled with a unique blend of flowers and herbs. Every recipe is created carefully, every ingredient comes from ethical and organic sources, and every teabag is filled with thoughtfulness for those who are consuming the beverage.

As the ingredients are organic, they do not have pesticides laced within any buds or flowers. You can be rest assured that you are consuming tea that contains the essence of only the finest flowers and herbs. In fact, you can even consume the ingredients, like the dried lemon and dried strawberry, in the teabag if you are adventurous and curious.

One of the more well-loved ingredient that Nilufer Tea uses has got to be the dried lemon. Why are they so outstanding and why is Nilufer Tea so proud of it? After all, although lemons are healthy in theory, they can be difficult to consume due to its sharp sour taste. The truth of the matter is that the dried lemon originates from Setouchi, a region in Japan that has such ample sunlight and fresh air that even the lemons capture the rich essence of the environment. This gives the lemon a unique taste that consist of a balance between sweetness and tartness. The sweetness makes the lemon easier to swallow and the tartness is mellow but still characteristic of a lemon. That is why the lemons in the cute sachets of tea can actually be enjoyed by itself as well.

But how?

Nilufer Tea sources the lemons ethically from the small local farms in Setouchi. So every year, during the harvesting season, the fresh lemons are harvested and dried to bring to you the pretty and cute heart-shaped lemons. So if you want to experience the taste of fresh dried quality lemons, follow us on our Instagram, facebook and our website to keep yourself up to date with our heart-shaped lemons pre-orders. There is a limited number of packets of heart-shaped lemons, so should you want some for yourself, you should place your order when the pre-order becomes available to avoid any disappointment.

Range of Beautiful and Delicious Herbal Teas

At Nilufer Tea, every tea that enters the market is a proof of the many hours of effort that are used to craft the product. Thus, we are also very proud to present our 5 types of teas:







Ginger Rooibos

We never stop exploring and always keep thinking of new ideas on the next tea, so stay tuned for our next product. But while we brainstorm to make more perfect sachets of tea, you can browse our blog which contains various articles that focuses on improving your health and well-being. A little tip here and there and you can arm yourself with a vast knowledge on feeling better than ever. There is no greater remedy than taking care of yourself, and using alternative forms of relaxation, such as engaging in yoga or using essential oils, can allow you to spend more time with yourself in a bid of giving yourself some self-care.

Ready to take your herbal tea journey to the next level? Visit here to look at the wide range of herbal teas that we offer. If you are looking for a gift or two, there are also tea gift sets, tea with mugs set (collaboration with Thy Cup Bearer) as well as a gift set that includes tea and the ever-so-classic glass cup with a strainer.

Nilufer Tea brings you quality herbal tea with your well-being in mind. Every sip of tea allows you to tackle the stressful world outside with a renewed sense of being. That is our goal and purpose.

Bored of the same ol’ stash of tea that you have in your food cupboard? Perhaps your tea needs some pep, perk and sparkle. Create a customised tea blend and delve into a magical realm of aromas, colours and flavours. We think tea blending demands more imagination than intention so break some rules and get a little playful with your tea! There are no holds barred, no set recipes or conventions – you’d never know what you’d end up with. To assist you with your little DIY project, we’ve gathered 7 essential herbs to include in your blend for an incredible herbal infusion.


1. Chamomile


Pretty and powerful, chamomile has a stellar reputation for restoration as a gentle and effective natural sedative. It calms distressed nerves, restores inner peace and is recommended for sleep relief. But that’s not all, the delicate daisy-like blossom is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too. It’s akin to a magic potion which may be used to lighten complexion, eliminate acne scars and tighten pores. Consider the addition of chamomile for a blissful and beautiful brew.

2. Cinnamon



Bask in the sweet heat of cinnamon – its complex flavour profile encompasses a warm floral note with hints of spice and honeyed fruit. Besides it’s unique smell and taste, cinnamon contains great anti-diabetic effects and a myriad of protective antioxidants, which balances your blood sugar levels, safeguards your health and defends against cancer. With all these medicinal benefits, it’d be silly not to include poor old cinnamon in your tea blend.

 3. Ginger


Ginger is an excellent digestive aid which curbs nausea and upset stomachs associated with motion sickness. And because it plays an essential role in proper digestion, it improves food absorption, prevents unnecessary belching and improves your appetite through the release of gastric acids. The fleshy herb also wards off chills, environmental allergies and even jet lag with ease. In a similar vein, ginger contains increased levels of antioxidants, which hence allows it to relieve menstrual discomfort in women.

4. Lemongrass

Another definite ingredient to include in your custom concoction would be lemongrass – an aromatic herb with a zing that soothes stomach troubles such as bloating, constipation and indigestion. It’s also known to tame high blood pressure, limit cholesterol absorption in the intestines and improve overall heart health as well.

5. Mint

Like ginger, mint presents similar benefits. It eases nausea, clears mild coughs and is employed in the treatment of various digestive ailments, such as loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome and more. If consumed post-meal, the effects of mint will reduce flatulence and speed up digestion too. Hence, after-dinner mints and mint tea are so popular. With a natural cool sensation and crisp menthol fragrance, mint also freshens your breath and palate. We think it’s a win-win situation to feel clean inside and out.

6. Rooibos

High in Vitamin C and other minerals, rooibos is a copper-red charm of earthy delight. An herb native to South Africa, it has been touted for its plethora of proven health benefits and antioxidant properties aimed at aging, common skin concerns and diseases. Regular consumption of rooibos may boost hair growth and prevent sun damage too. Did you know? Japanese women are known to drink large amounts of rooibos tea for its positive effect on skin and hair!

7. Rose hip

Rose hips are the bulbous, garnet red fruits of the rose plant which detoxifies the body due to its laxative and diuretic properties. It eliminates toxins and unwanted fats in an efficient manner. If you struggle with constipation or a low metabolism rate, the said herb can be a key ingredient for your tea blend. Rose hip will impart a tart taste to your tea so be reminded to pair it with a sweet ingredient if you do find it too sharp.

Above all, have fun and relish your cup of tea, your way! But in any case, if laziness takes over, we’ve got you covered with our delicious Nilufer Tea organic herbal teas that contain many of the above beneficial herbs. Check them out here!

Written by: Valerie Tan

The tree is impeccably decorated – you have achieved a look that is equal parts festive and sophisticated. The lights around the house are giving off the exact shade of golden for optimum cosiness. Even your holiday music playlist is handpicked for maximum enjoyment; after all if Michael Bublé isn’t crooning softly in the background, is it truly Christmas? It looks as if all is perfect for a night of joy and laughter. But the crowning glory to a memorable party is still missing – the food.

While some of us are truly gods among men and have the know-how to whip up an entire four-course meal, the rest of us simply make do with the inspiration we get from the internet and our mothers. If digging through old cookbooks or your mother/grandmother’s ancient recipes does not sound appealing to you, we have just the thing. Here are 3 main courses you can take inspiration from and put your own twist on:

1. Cumin Scented Oven Baked Ribs

When you think of Christmas mains, one of the first things that come to mind are holiday movies where the grandma brings out a great hunk of meat out from the oven, still sizzling in its juices. Why not try a variation of that? This particular recipe makes use of cumin – a spice that is native to South Asia – as well as some homemade sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. This is perfect for those looking for a short preparation time. The active preparation time for this main is a mere 30 minutes and then you can take leave it to cook for two hours while you prepare the other dishes of your Christmas dinner. It’s a win-win situation!

Image cred: pixabay

2. Spaghetti with Lobster

If you have had enough of cooking meat and would like to try your hand at something different, don’t worry; we’ve brought something different – seafood. For your crustacean loving relatives, perhaps this recipe with spaghetti and lobster might do just the trick. With a base of tomato sauce and enhanced by the flavour of chiles like habanero, jalapeno and serrano, this main is comfort food with a twist. On a budget? Swap it out with your loved one’s favourite shell fish instead.

Image cred: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3. Ricotta Goat Cheese Polenta Bake

Okay look — we love the indulgent, giving nature of Christmas as much as the next person but sometimes light and fresh is the way to go. In the flurry of Christmas dinners all serving heavy dishes, this might be a respite for your digestive system. It is chock full of the delicious freshness of green vegetables with the addition of the creaminess of ricotta and goat’s cheese. If your family and friends prefer the vegetarian way of life, this is a must try.

Image cred: pixabay

Whether your Christmas dinner is a grand sit-down affair with all your extended family or a small cosy get-together with friends, these recipes will be sure to enhance your dinner party and impress your beloved loved ones. But in case you do mess up and the meat doesn’t melt in your mouth as you imagined, don’t be too miffed. The truth is, while the food and the decorations do help the festivities, nothing can beat the goodness of a home filled with the laughter and joy of people you care deeply about.

And if your meal becomes too heavy, it is always great to wash down the heavy feeling with a cup of light herbal tea. You can purchase our organic herbal teas here!

Merry Christmas!

Herbal teas are derived from plant materials, including leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, roots and fruits. From cancer-fighting properties to endurance boosting effects, herbal tea is for everyone. Here are some ways your body may be telling you it’s time to swap your favourite beverage for herbal tea instead.

1. You feel bloated

If you constantly feel bloated, herbal teas may help. Ginger contains the compounds gingerols and shogaols, which relax your intestinal muscles, thereby reducing inflammation and bloating. Peppermint also helps your digestive tract get rid of any built up gas. Peppermint contains menthol oil, which has an anti-spasmodic effect on your digestive tract, and soothes inflammation.

2. You’re having trouble sleeping

Image cred: pixabay

Although some herbal tea blends may contain ingredients that have caffeine, there are many that don’t. So if you’re having trouble getting a good night’s rest, chamomile tea may do the trick. It contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid known for its relaxing and anxiety-reducing effects. It helps our bodies relax, thus promoting sleep.

3. You have cramps or an upset stomach

Image cred: pixabay

Herbal teas can be very soothing too. Peppermint tea can help to relax your gastrointestinal system and help to stop nausea or an upset stomach. Lemon balm, skullcap tea, chamomile tea, dandelion root tea and fennel tea can also help to ease menstrual cramps.

4. You have dry, patchy skin or acne problems

Herbal teas are also great for the skin. For years, chamomile tea has been used to help relieve dry, patchy skin, acne, rashes, and inflammatory skin conditions. This is because it possesses flavonoids that have a strong inhibitory effect on free radicals. The flavonoids in rooibos tea have also been shown to possess anti-inflammatory functions, making it useful for treating rosacea or eczema.

5. You have high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, drinking herbal tea may keep them at bay. Rooibos tea acts as a bronchodilator, ultimately decreasing resistance in your respiratory airway and increasing airflow to your lungs. It also reduces the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is an enzyme that indirectly increases blood pressure by contracting blood vessels.

6. You have a weak immune system

Image cred: pixabay

Are you catching colds too often? It may be time for an intervention.
Herbal teas containing elderflower, turmeric, peppermint, and hibiscus all help to boost your immune system. Both turmeric tea and peppermint tea are able to ease the pain of upper respiratory problems like sore throats and sinus infections. Elderflower tea is an effective decongestant because it helps clear the nasal passages. It also encourages you to sweat, allowing for the body to rid itself of toxins by using sweat as the conduit.

7. You’re stressed

Image cred: pixabay

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, herbal tea may just be exactly what you need to relax. Lavender is known for its calming qualities, so it should come as no surprise that the tea is used primarily for stress relief. Green tea contains L-theanine amino acids that can help you relax and passionfruit tea can as well. Another herb to curb stress is lemon balm as it can help to lighten your uptight and anxious mood.
Herbal teas are a treat for all occasions. Whether you are having a tea party, or simply want to escape the cold in the office, herbal teas will never fail you. To get your dose of quality organic herbal teas, visit https://www.nilufertea.com/blog/shop/

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