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As a fresh new 2018 starts, we all know what comes next: New Year Resolutions. Let's be honest - we never stick to the resolutions we make and often forget about them three months into the new year.

If one resolution of yours has always been eating healthy, and you've always found it a near impossible task to include bitter greens into your diet, these 5 Vegan influencers from Singapore will definitely change your mind and introduce a whole new concept of 'healthy eating'.

Vegan food doesn't just comprise of soggy oatmeal and drab greens -- these 5 Singaporeans will sweep you off your feet with their drool-worthy creations. Just a warning, you might be a convert by the end of this post.



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Kick starting my day with an oat bowl which turned out to be perfect because it is raining heavily right now ⛈ Cooked my oats with chia seeds and rice mylk and poured it into my @coconarts bowl (mine’s the giant classic coconut bowl). Topped it off with @zesprikiwifruit gold kiwi, pomegranate, blueberries, @navitasorganics hemp seeds, @naturespathorganic granola, and lastly, “berries & hibiscus” chocolate squares from @pana_chocolate x @t2tea. Wow that was a handful 🤣 Finished every bit of it and loved how the chocolate squares melted over my piping hot oats 😋 #jaslyngohdishes #panachocolate #t2tea #coconarts #oatmealbowl #oatbowl

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As one of the familiar faces in the Singapore vegan community, Jaslyn truly embodies the passion and love for real food. Apart from posting her delectable creations and meals on her Instagram page, Jaslyn is also the brainchild of @souleygreen, Singapore's first online vegan mart.

She shares on her blog about her motivation behind this venture - when she first started out as a vegan in 2014, it was difficult for her to get cruelty-free and plant-based products at one place. Often, Jaslyn had to hop between various stores to purchase her necessities, and shop online for certain products that Singapore did not carry at that time. Thus, to bridge the gap between brands and consumers and make the vegan lifestyle more accessible, Jaslyn opened Souley Green.

Although her Instagram feed isn't dominated by vegan food, her spirit and passion for veganism still shines through, and will definitely inspire you to eat healthy, if not try veganism out!



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🎉 GIVEAWAY 🎉 (open for Singapore residents only) • As you guys probably already know, I love serving my meals in coconut bowls because; they're eco-friendly, they're handmade with so much love and they simply make any meal look so good! In the spirit of giving this holiday season, I've teamed up with @coconarts to give away one bowl & one spoon to one lucky individual! All you have to do is: - Follow myself & @coconarts - Tag 2 friends and share what you love most about Christmas!🎄🎊 - You can enter as many times as you like, just tag different people! - Giveaway ends on Tuesday (12/12, lucky date so hopefully you're the lucky one 😉) All the best!!! 💘

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With Nicole's bright and colourful Instagram feed, your eyes will be in for a treat as you spend the next hour scrolling through the page, wondering how vegan food can look so delicious. Her unique creations of 'unicorn' tofu mousse and immaculate pancake stacks will definitely leave you drooling. Behind her bright and eye-catching photos, however, lies a touching and inspiring story of how she became vegan.

2 years ago, Nicole was struggling with an eating disorder, depriving herself of nutrition and happiness as she convinced herself that she was still 'too big'. Upon discovering veganism, she decided to pull herself out of the void of eating disorders. She realised that her body was a vessel that kept her alive, and the food she consumed gave her fuel to live. Thus, she filled herself with plant-based food that keeps her full and healthy, and encourages her followers switch to a plant-based diet as well.



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Vegan peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies made with @mayversfood (the general concept is that the more cookies you consume, the higher the chances of becoming a smart cookie, since you are what you eat, yes science doesn’t work that way but we can all dream). Hello friends, hope all of you had merry celebrations and overate ridiculously but in a good way! Had a break to scrape my mind together which meant a lot of ugly oatmeal bowls and watching too many films per day on the couch and reading. It’s been nice to let my kitchen faculties get back into order. With so little of the year left, seize the day and eat as many cookies as you like to redeem 2017! Sending you love ❤️ (PS - thank you guys for being so supportive. can’t wait to share with you video projects, recipes, more photos and everything under the sun. thank you for giving me this space to make ☺️)

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Lin's vegan creations are simply out of this world - simply take a look at her vegan spiced pumpkin cinnamon rolls and vegan peppermint dark chocolate tart - who knew such decadent desserts could be vegan? The best part is that she shares the recipes for all these goodness on her blog, accompanied with her stellar writing which she uses to dish out her thoughts and feelings about her daily life, which is so relatable.



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Black sesame smoothie #throwback✨💕 I haven't been able to make pretty food like this recently because I've been so busy 💆🏻🥀 Still I hope everyone's been eating well and feeling super fab 🌈☀️ What are your favorite foods to eat lately? 😋 I can't wait to get back to smoothies because I got a new blender! All I need now are some frozen bananas 🍌🍌🍌😌❄️

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Alphonsine shares her vegan journey through clean and minimal shots of delectable food on her Instagram page. Apart from posting on her Instagram, she also operates a YouTube channel where she shares recipes and various tips on saving money as a vegan. We all know how expensive Acai bowls can get!



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Hello everyone!!!! How have everyone been doing?😭 Sorry for being so inactive these days but things will get back on track soon!! Anyway!! I made this smokey BBQ Burger because I LOVE anything BBQ 👅 homemade Patty with a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce topped with caramelised onions ☺️ PARTY IN MY MOUTH👅

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Another familiar face to the vegan community, Lee Ting shares various places to visit for delicious vegan and vegetarian food. Despite her young age, she is yet another hustling entrepreneur - she recently opened her own vegan cafe, Soul Alife, in December. Now we know where to get our fix of vegan mac and cheese!

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