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With the Christmas season upon us, Christmas markets and pop-ups can be found all over the place. And we could be found at Shop Wonderland last Saturday 2 December 2017.

Nilufer Tea and special yoga wear

Holding the first-ever Christmas market, Shop Wonderland has done a fantastic job in arranging for various brands to come in and show their arts and products. We were honored and glad for having the opportunity to be involved in this amazing event.

Perk by Kate


Lucy and Mui


Wood and Lead

Being a cafe on normal days, Shop Wonderland has transformed the inner space into an area of festivity with the beauty of different brands and a large Christmas trees. With most holidays, you must have drinks, and that is why Shop Wonderland set up a gin bar outside the shop to bring the seasonal spirit beyond their shop.

It was heartwarming to see so many brand ambassadors sharing what they love, and even the brand creators themselves came down personally to be at their booths and sharing the fruits of their labour with everyone. It was clear that many people have put their heart and soul into the event.

Shop Little Man

If you have missed us at Shop Wonderland, fret not because we will be having another Christmas market soon! So stay tuned here, our instagram and our facebook for more information in time to come.

Meanwhile, you can still get out tea gift sets here. Nothing says blessings better than organic herbal teas for the wellness of your body and soul.

If you are a scavenger for good deals and artisan goodies, then you need to keep your 2 December free. Why, you ask? That's because on 2 December 2017, from 10am to 6pm, Shop Wonderland is holding their very first Christmas Market! You will see self-made entrepreneurs from all walks of life coming together to showcase their goods and share their passion through small trinkets that you can get for yourself and your loved ones, or even for the Christmas gift exchange with your colleagues or at parties.


If you follow their Instagram and our Instagram, you will find that we, Nilufer Tea, will also be part of the Christmas festive market! Not only are we bringing you the joys of our organic herbal teas, we will also be bringing you quality yoga wear by Liquido.

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“The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa’ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.” –Sally Kempton 🙏✨💖 #liquidoactive #iwearliquido #boldfearlessandfree #boldleggings #weloveprint #colorfulvibe #yogapose #yogi #yogapractice

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Originated from Australia, Liquido takes pride in providing only the best quality apparel, not just for yogis, but for every active person. Designed by Brazilian designers who are inspired by the brightness, sunshine and tropical setting of Brazil, the bold patterns and bright colours bring joy and excitement as you exercise and do yoga. If you are a person who prefer something that is minimalistic, you can still find your perfect fit at Liquido as they also have a line that is dedicated to simpler designs and solid colours.

While you can shop online, there are simply too many designs for one to fathom and the additional shipping fees may not be worth your budget. That's where we come in! We have filtered out some of the best designs for your selection and so all you need to do is to come down and get your quality yoga wear.

Of course, our usual suspects will be there. With such cooling weather bestowed upon us at this time of the year, what is better than cosying up with a cup of comforting warm herbal tea? We will be selling our range of organic herbal teas for your delightful tea parties and Christmas dinners, so come on down to get some!

Of course, besides Nilufer Tea, you can also browse other booths that are going to share their wonderful collection of items. For instance, you can get your cute mugs and accessories from The Little Drom Store, beautiful lingerie from Perk by Kate, and also something for the guys at Shop Little Man. After all, Christmas is a season for everyone!

For hesitate no more! Mark your calendars and keep your 2 December busy by visiting Shop Wonderland. And if you need a little more convincing, some cakes should do the trick:

Shop Wonderland
134 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068600

And as usual, if you are a busy bee, you can also buy our teas here.

A wide variety and selection of herbs and teas

On the 12th of October, Nilufer Tea organised a custom tea brewing workshop in partnership with Prudential. It was held at Shop Wonderland in Telok Ayer street; a cafe known for its whimsical theme and fun flower arranging workshops. Our guests were treated to a delightful meal by the cafe and a flurry of herbal knowledge to bring home. The educational workshop was insightful and enlightened some of our intrigued customers on the wonders of our organic herbal tea and their various ingredients. We also had our tea bags readily packed for sale at the event as well as some samples for the customers to bring home.

Using all 5 senses to learn about the herbs and ingredients

All the ingredients used in our organic herbal tea were set on display with labels for the guests to see, touch, smell and even taste. (everyone loved eating the dried strawberries and stevia) To kick off the workshop, Leah Yo, owner and founder of Nilufer tea, handed out a very beautiful infographic pertaining to the herbs in the tea bags to all the guests for their viewing pleasure. The handout included the benefits of each ingredient and how they could be of use to any particular sickness of ailment they may be facing. Leah explained each ingredient and how they come together to create the final product.

Start brewing!

The guests were eager to get started and each of them were given their own special tea brewing mug that contains a filter to sieve out the tea leaves debris. Leah went around asking them the kind of problems they usually face, if they had insomnia, headaches, if they were often sick, etc. Many guests cited insomnia as their main issue and resorted to medication for remedy. As a result, Leah recommended using chamomile tea as their base because of its relaxing properties. It was so lovely to see a group of real tea enthusiasts getting so excited over brewing their own unique blends of tea.

Participants looking and thinking of the herbs to put into their blends


Participants reading the ingredients and deciding what herbs to use

Guests were instructed to pick one or two main teas as their base, with the choices of rooibos tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, black bean tea, lemongrass tea and rose bud tea. One lady in particular was very adventurous and wanted to try three blends but the tea turned out to have a very weird pungent taste (and it was black in colour!), so the lesson is: Blend wisely!! After the guests have scooped the tea leaves and blends into their cups, they proceeded to the herb table to add 2-4 additional herbs for more flavor and health benefits. The handout given to them included suggestions on yummy herbal tea pairings and serving sizes so their resulting tea would taste delicious and smell very fragrant.

Personally, I enjoy fruity flavors most and I usually only drink fruit tea or flower tea so my choices were geared towards the dried strawberries and oranges (I may or may not have eaten a few of them raw sneakily as I was brewing my tea) and of course stevia as a natural sweetener. Once all the ingredients have been scooped nicely into their individual cups, the guests filled up their cups to approximately 3/4 of the capacity with hot water and covered their cups with its lid to steep for approximately 3-4 minutes. The longer you let the the tea brew, the stronger the resulting taste so we usually recommend 3 minutes as a good duration.

Why drink herbal teas?

While everyone's tea was brewing, Leah answered some of their questions about her tea company and her organic herbal tea. If you haven't already checked it out, our website has an FAQ that answers most questions our customers have about tea. The biggest question of the night was 'Does organic herbal tea cure insomnia?' The answer is no, it only helps alleviate insomnia as well as other types of health problems. It is important to note that tea is not a cure and in no way replaces actual medicine, but it definitely helps with the process of recovery. All the guests were very pleased with the insightful answers provided by Leah and happily shared their own tea habits and stories. It was a really lighthearted and chill environment and it really went along well with the theme of the company and workshop.

When the teas had finished their steeping process, everyone delightfully indulged in their creations and many were so pleased with the taste that they went for seconds! It was a lovely bonding session between strangers. Everyone actually went around and let each other try their tea blend creations to get a taste of different blends. As the guests slowly became more acquainted with the complementary flavors, they could choose herbs and teas more confidently. Overall everyone was very satisfied with their teas. As a treat, Leah gave them all a plastic bag for them to bring home a small portion of the ingredients of their favourite blend to recreate their teas at home for their friends and family.


The guests expressed their thanks and gratitude to the staff of Shop Wonderland as well as Leah for the fantastic workshop. They were very excited to hear directly from the founder of Nilufer Tea that she has a close relationships with the local farmers in Japan that supply her ingredients, they knew our tea was the real deal. Everyone was excited to learn how to place orders for the tea and of course name cards were handed out and details were exchanged.

To end the workshop on a happy note, all the guests brought home a goodie bag from Prudential as well as food and cakes from Shop Wonderland. Who doesn't love extra food? It was a great day overall, and the fun experiences shared by the group will not be forgotten. From us here at Nilufer Tea, we hope the tea and herbal knowledge shared will be with you everlasting!

For any inquiries about events or workshops, drop us a message at leah.y@dymarketing.sg Otherwise, you can get our organic herbal teas here!

Yoga PrakRti, Aramsa The Garden Spa and Nilufer Tea came together on 15 November 2017 to prepare a special event for 10 special VIP guests. They were treated to a wonderful Yoga session and a spa session, but that wasn’t all; they were treated to beautiful organic tea blends by Nilufer Tea to end the event on a light and beautiful note.

Despite the recent rainy spells, the weather on this Wednesday was fine and sunny. It seems to be a great blessing from the skies!

To start off the event, the VIP guests were chauffeured by a limousine from Newton MRT to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, both of which are located at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest urban park developed by the National Parks. The vast greenery of the park can also be reflected on the calming and naturalised surroundings at Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa. With a forest-like atmosphere, it is certainly a break from the common concrete jungle you see in Singapore.

Stretching it out with yoga session by Misato

The yoga session takes place in a clean and whitewashed building. Upon entering, a fragrant floral scent hits your nose and relaxes your mind. Although the studio is big, the atmosphere is a cosy one and there was more than enough space for our 10 special guests. This is a great setting for the guests’ yoga session.

A minimalistic design of the area when you first enter the Green Room


A big space for the guests to comfortably experience yoga

Despite her busy schedule, Ms Jazreel Low, the founder of Aramsa The Garden Spa, greeted everyone before the start of the yoga session. A former television star, Jazreel has turned into a successful businesswoman with multiple businesses from F&B to spa services. In fact, her spas have done so well that she has also opened branches overseas, such as Bintan and Batam. To add on to her list of accolades, those branches are also featured in ClubMed which is a reputable site for holiday packages. She also shared that a Japanese restaurant will be opening Jan 2018 next to Yoga Seeds and Aramsa The Garden Spa, allowing future visitors to get their fill of Japanese delicacies after a yoga session or a spa session, or both.

The yoga session commenced shortly after Jazreel’s introduction and it was led by Misato-san from Yoga PrakRti. She has done yoga for many years and have taught yoga professionally for 8 years.

Misato started the yoga session by emphasising on the importance of breathing properly

With the many years of experience under her belt, she guided the guests in a relaxing session of yoga that focused on breathing techniques, balance, as well as stretching.

Everyone stretching in a simple yoga pose


Misato helping a guest to better the position for maximum stretch


It's actually more difficult than it looks. Misato giving a helpful lift for the guest


One of the final stretches before the session ends

At the end of the session, the guests were relaxed with smiles and joy shining from their faces.

A group shot of happy ladies who are uplifted after the yoga

Yoga can be an intense form of exercise for some people. Thus, after the yoga, the guests were treated to a spa session that would help soothe their body.

Getting relaxed and revitalised with Aramsa The Garden Spa

The spa session started with the guests changing into Japanese-styled Yukata, and then they were led to the waiting lounge. It is a beautiful room with a refreshing scent from the essential oils, and there were biscuits and a pot of delicious ginger lemongrass tea for them to enjoy. While waiting for their own personal masseuses to arrive, the guests chatted and interacted with each other, filling the room with laughs and liveliness.

Misato interacting with a guest as everyone relaxed and waited for the spa session


Everyone helping themselves to the ginger and lemongrass tea, and also the biscuits

When the masseuses arrive, each guest was paired with one of them. With a 1-to-1 ratio, every guest is paired with a specific masseuse to ensure a high level of personal touch and special attention.

Warming the body with herbal Nilufer Tea

After the relaxing massages, the guests were brimming with warm smiles on their faces and their bodies were rejuvenated. But what better than a warm beverage after the spa session? The guests were presented with their choice of organic & non-pesticide herbal tea from Nilufer Tea. There were 5 selections of the herbal tea they could choose from, and everyone managed to find their own preferred flavour to enjoy.

A display of a beautiful selection of organic herbal teas by Nilufer Tea


Cups of tea waiting for the guests to enjoy after their spa session

As Nilufer Tea uses a blend of only the finest ingredients, the teas were beautifully coloured and exuded a relaxing fragrance as the tea bags steeped in the hot water. The guests were also given a piece of dried pineapple to pair with their teas, and they were pleased with the small snack as it was unique, and the sweetness was light and not too overwhelming. As the guests sipped on their teas with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, Leah Yo, founder of Nilufer Tea, explained about the philosophy behind Nilufer Tea, and the flavourful and beneficial qualities of the herbal beverage.

The guests introduced themselves and expressed their thanks for the event. In fact, after a session of story-sharing, some of them even realised that they had been in the same school. Talk about coincidence and a small world! They were also greatly enthusiastic in commemorating the joyous event by taking many photos, and by then, we were sure that new friendships and partnerships have been forged.

Guests sharing their feelings on the event experience


A commemorative photo with our VIP guests, Misato and Leah

To end the event on a luxurious note, the guests were brought home in style in the limousine that was specially organized for them. And even though the event has ended, the memories created from this beautiful day would be hard to forget.

Feel free to contact us for:
Event organising services
Herbal Tea workshops
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Nilufer tea information



Aramsa The Garden Spa

Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931





Calling all brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts in Singapore !

Date: 21st October 2017

Ticket ($13.55): RSVP form here

About Event

We are a group of Wedding Specialists in Singapore. Curious about what it would be like to do away with the extravagant ballroom weddings and have an intimate and cozy celebration that you can add a breath of your personal touch to?

Our vision is to arrange the best wedding for couple and wedding guests through flower styling, photography, video-graphy, wedding gift, table setting, foods and hair & nail etc.
Come and see our actual portfolios and free chit chat with vendors !

Food and drink will be provided and you will have Nilufer Tea as a door gift !

Ticket only ($13.55): RSVP form here


Event Schedule
11:00  Door Open & Mingling with Vendors
13:00  Guest Speaker
15:00  Close
Guest Speakers in line to talk about
- Wedding trends
- Styling
- Flowers
- Photography & videography
- Budgets
- Challenges and how to overcome them

Date: 21st October 2017
Ticket ($13.55):
RSVP form here
Read on for an introduction of who’s going to be a part of this event !


image cred: FT's instagram

A local with a taste for a rather bohemian and 'hip' flower arrangement, her unique styles have a more vintage inspired taste which never goes out of style. She does more than just floristry but also styling for photoshoots as well as weddings. The event will be held in her warehouse where all the magic takes place. You'll be amazed to what a wonderland you can turn a warehouse in an industrial park into.

P.s. She has also sponsored her services to local Top notch influencers such as




A herbal and fruit tea company that believes in the principles of sustainable development and organic farming. Ingredients being sourced mainly from Japan and other parts of Asia, these gorgeous teas make an absolute treat as wedding favours. They are also great as wedding refreshments. First 50 participants will have a Nilufer Tea Set as a gift !



Image cred: Androidsinboots Facebook

Androidsinboots are specialists in capturing wedding photography and videography based in Singapore, Hongkong and Australia. Brides and grooms-to-be, you'd definitely want a handy dandy skilful photographer to document all the happenings of your special day.  Wilson from Androidsinboots will be giving some tips on wedding Photography and Videography.


The Wedding Concepteur


Image cred: the wedding concepteur instagram

The Wedding Concepteur is known for its chic and reliable wedding planning services. Engage with these experts in order to make sure that your wedding is stress-free and goes with ease. Cheryl from The Wedding Concepteur will be giving a talk on Budget and Wedding Planning at the event. Wedding planning may seem overwhelming but fret not as these experts are here to help you plan your big day from start to finish.


Wedding Knots by lavish


Image cred: wedding knots by lavish's instagram

Wedding knots is a catering specialist in wedding ceremonies. Be it church wedding receptions, exquisite buffets, western-plated sit down or outdoor solemnisations, Wedding Knots does it all. For more than 15 years, LAVISH has been wowing their guests with impeccable service, creative gastronomic creations from their award winning culinary team.


Kiyone + LIM


image cred: Kiyone + Lim

Never neglect your nails and eyelashes for such an occasion! Kiyone is a Japanese eyelash and nail salon that is known for its minimalistic elegant style. You will find that no other salon does it quite like kiyone. The first in first, you will have FREE nail done by Kiyone manicurist ! Come chat with some of their stylists at this event to learn more about finding your style.

Itto + LIM & Kizuki


Hair, for both men and women is definitely one of the most important features to style on your wedding day. Let the hair enthusiasts at itto +lim and Kizuki +Lim  help you make the best out of your natural locks. Consult our stylists on your hair type and explore new styles and colours before your special day.

We look a model for Flower Hair arrangement on the Event! Please send us your photo after RSVP form here

Image cred: Itto +LIM

We look foward to meet you soon !
Please RSVP form here
It is only $13.55 with Food, Drink and Gift

21 October 2017 (Sat) - 11:00 am - 15:00 pm


In our previous post on the blog, we have shared that we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Yoga Seeds' 4th anniversary celebration. It was such an enriching experience for the Nilufer team as well as for the attendees as we had some fruitful discussions about the perks of taking organic herbal teas. These pictures speak a thousand words.

Photo with Wendy, the Founder of Yoga seeds (right)

Tea samples

Tea booth display

Exclusive goody bag

Lady-boss Leah educating the others on Nilufer Tea

All smiles



Matching instructor shirts

Even more smiles

A very satisfied Leah

The power of 4

Group shot!


We are looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with Yoga Seeds!

If you are part of a yoga studio or know anyone with similar visions in mind, please drop us a note! We love meeting new people.

Photos by Kristabelle Tobing 

Taken with Olympus Pen lite 7

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