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The hardest part of living away from home for university is adjusting to your new sleeping quarters.

From my personal experience, this being my second year living away from home, I've found that making my new home feel like 'home' is quintessential to my comfort and reducing homesickness. I mean, I’m not one to get very homesick easily because I enjoy living away from home but along the way I’ve discovered many clever hacks to jazz up your room in a cost-effective and non-environmentally damaging way so that it doesn’t get too lonely or empty. Here are some snazzy DIY ideas to save money and the earth!

1. Glass jars

A common waste item to the university student is glass jars from a homemade pasta dinner. Pesto? Tomato Mascarpone? Honey? Don’t let these treasures go to waste! Here are some ways you can make them decorative.


2. Card board boxes

You’d be lying if you said that you never ordered things online to please your lazy student bum. Instead of letting these boxes go to waste, why not use them as another decorative/ functional piece.

P.S. This is especially good for sticking up important notes, dates as well as photos of your friends and family from home

3. Snack wrappers

To keep track of all that sinful goodness, why not collect them and stick them up on your wall as wallpaper? It makes quite a unique and quirky one-of-a-kind art piece.

4. Cereal boxes

Cereal boxes make great folders to store your files and textbooks from university, that way you won’t have to waste money on buying actual plastic ones. All you need is a paper cutter or a knife.

5. Shoe boxes

Shoe boxes make a great hiding place for a lot of valuable things. The MOST UNSUSPECTING PLACE to hide your passport, important documents as well as money. If you have nothing to hide, they make great organization tools for you to keep your things neat and tidy.


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