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Is your pick-me-up a cup of chai? Do you head to the herb cabinet for some garlic when you’re feeling flu-ish? Does your mom’s nagging come to mind when you put a pinch of turmeric into your cup of warm milk? If your answer is yes for even one of the above, then chances are, you’re already practising Ayurveda.

Ayurve-wha? It is only the world’s oldest system of holistic medicine that has a longer history than traditional Chinese medicine. The idea of Ayurveda was born over 5000 years and it is the sister science of yoga. The two are often practised together for a better mind-body balance. In fact, Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ‘the knowledge of life’. Devout followers believe that the route to wellness is to have a full and intimate knowledge of your life. Everything is interconnected, from our digestion to our dreams and hopes.

Not sure where to start? Peek into your pantry, and you’ll be surprised to know that some of your everyday groceries are, in fact, Ayurvedic staples. Learn more below!


Aspiring yogis, take note! Consumption of turmeric was first advocated by yogis who claimed it enhanced flexibility and joint integrity. Recent studies found that the bright yellow plant also help purifies the blood and the channels of the body. It improves the skin's complexion, bringing circulation and nutrition to the epidermal layer. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants makes it the ingredient of choice for acne-prone skin. Is it any wonder people call turmeric the spice of life?

How to have it: Take a pinch or any desired amount of turmeric powder into stir-fries for an earthy flavour. Another great way to use it is to add it into how milk and drink with honey before you hit the sack.


Do you remember the little seed pods you bite into when you chow down on a plate of Indian biryani? These are cardamom seeds - one of the most common ingredients in Indian cuisine. It is a natural tranquiliser, bringing you calm that helps to increase the clarity of your mind. This wonder herb also neutralises the acidity of coffee. So here’s a perfect excuse to order some masala chai after lunch!

How to have it: Add the pods or powder to brew coffee or tea to bring out that spicy flavour. You can also boil it in warm milk before bed.


Ginger is no stranger to most Singaporeans, who probably have consumed it in chicken rice, xiao long bao or in other foods. But did you know that it’s also an Ayurvedic staple? As a powerful anti-inflammatory herb, ginger soothes and heals the digestive tract. Thus, ginger tea is also often prescribed as a home remedy for stomach issues. Some studies have suggested the herb may have the potential to be a preventative ingredient against colon cancer and ovarian cancer. What can’t this herb do?

How to have it: Grate some ginger into your black tea during the day, or boil ginger in warm milk before bed. As a start, you can try our Ginger Rooibos tea for a midday boost.


Your bathroom is probably filled with mint-related products. But did you know that mint is also a great palate cleanser? It promotes digestion and soothes the stomach in case of indigestion or inflammation. It is also a lifesaver for people with nausea or motion sickness. Mint leaves or pudina also have antibacterial properties, which fight against harmful microbes in the body.

How to have it: Crush fresh mint leaves into your iced tea, or dab some peppermint oil onto your temples. You can also try our Blue Ocean tea which has a rich minty flavour along with a ton of antioxidants from the butterfly pea.


It’s no coincidence that rose is associated with love and caring in Ayurveda. With its cooling nature, rose governs the emotions of the heart and calmness of the mind. People have historically consumed rose petals to improve cardiovascular health, fight inflammation, improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. For ladies, rose serves additional benefits as it combats stress, menstrual pain, and insomnia.

How to have it: Have a cup of rose tea as you wind down for the day. You can try our Signature Rose Paradise tea, which features a blend of rose petals, hibiscus and strawberry. It’s a favourite of people who like their teas subtle and fragrant!

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