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Calling all content creators in the divisions of Health, Wellness and Fitness in Singapore! 

By joining as a #NiluferAmbassador, we will be able to offer you "Nilüfer tea" (Giveaway) an opportunity to be part  of our valuable Nilufer Tea community. Want to represent our organic tea brand? Click the button below to find more information.  

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Here at Nilufer Tea, we only want the best for our customers and partners. Only by working closely with the best people in the health, beauty, wellness and lifestyle industry, will we be able to introduce more customers within the region to our holistic brand and develop wider brand recognition. Looking forward to working with you!

Who we are looking to work with:

  • Singapore based partners in the creative industries (Influencers, bloggers, content creators, artists and other relevant businesses)
  • Charismatic and compelling content creators with an edge for writing authentic, promotional copy
  • Social media profiles with over 3000 followers
  • But most importantly, profiles that align with the mission and values of Nilufer Tea, as you will be a representative of the brand - read more about who we are


  • Free "Nilüfer tea" for your post (Giveaway for your posting)
  • Tokens of appreciation from Nilufer Tea

How to Apply: 
Simply apply for our Ambassador Programme today from the form below !

  • Share your Instagram or Blog account for our verification and await the arrival of our reply :)

Should you have any enquiries, please email info@nilufertea.com

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