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June 26, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Elderflower Mix


Do you remember the royal couple Prince Harry and Princess Megan had ordered a lemon elderflower wedding cake for their May 2018 wedding? You can enjoy not only for a tea but you can also make your own elderflower syrup or cordial with this set.

– elderflower
– lavendar
– lemongrass
– orange
– ginger


If you are feeling a cold coming on, a cup of elder flower tea might do the trick. The flowers may be small, but they are mighty in improving colds, flu and even bronchitis. Besides that, elder flower is also great for constipation and other problems. Brew a cup of elder flower tea and indulge in the flavor and benefits of the flowers

< Benefits of Elder flower >
• cold hands & feet
• swollen sinuses
• increase sweating
• constipation
• stop bleeding
• bronchitis