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0. Heart Shaped Lemon with Nilufer Tea Gift Set
November 30, 2017
8. Customized Porcelain Mugs with Nilufer Tea (3 sachets)
March 9, 2018
Nilufer Gift set
herbal tea nillufer tea
Rose Paradise Nilufer tea Sachet

Tea Gift Set – 4 Sachets with Cup


Soothe your senses with our beautiful glass cup, along with 4 tea sachets of different flavours. Perfect gift for your loved one ! This is self collection in Orchard only. Please whatspp me before your purchase – 83667573

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Glass Cup with Strainer

Soothe your senses with our beautiful glass cup, along with 4 sachets.

The glass cup has a capacity of around 400ml and comes with a glass strainer and flat glass lid. The glass is heat-resistant and safe to use when hot water is added. You can also use the strainer to prepare other types of tea such as green tea, oolong tea and black tea.

More Flavor to Enjoy

Steep for 3 min with a cover.

The secret to serving flavourful tea is in the glass tea cup. The spaciousness of the tea pot allows the hot water to lift the herbs and tea leaves, penetrating every ingredient and allow the flavours to blossom. The strainer at the spout prevents any residue entering into your cup of tea, allowing you to enjoy your cup of clear crisp tea.

Along with 4 sachets of Herbal Teas

This assorted pack is one of our bestsellers, combining all 4 of our Nilufer flavors in one pack. The ingredients are mainly sourced from individual or small farmers in Japan and other parts of the world. They are organic and free of pesticides so your teas are always fresh from nature.  Read more about our tea

Each tea sachet can make up to 350ml ~ 400ml of tea. The 4 tea sachets include:

゜1 Orange & Chamomile
゜1 Rose Paradise
゜1 Ginger Rooibos
゜1 Floral Blossom


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