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Lemon Verbena

Though it’s now found around the world, lemon verbena is native to South America, where it was long used as a powerful medicine to help with weight loss, reduce inflammation, protect muscles and boost the powers of the immune system to help you fight off fevers and sinus congestion. Essential oil from lemon verbena is highly useful for its high concentration of antioxidant compounds like verbascoside, nerol, and geraniol. When dried, lemon verbena leaves can be steeped into a powerful tea that boosts the metabolism and organ functioning. If you use it externally, lemon verbena can help reduce signs of acne and break down cellulite to give your skin a beautiful glow.

– Full of antioxidants
– Aids weight loss by improving your metabolism
– Improves organ functioning
– Clears up skin and removes signs of cellulite