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Pleasing to look at and heavenly to smell, lavender truly belongs in your tea cup. As a flower native to Europe and the Mediterranean, lavender’s scent has made it cherished around the world. The bright purple flowers are perfect additions to soothing teas, which is why we use them for our herbal blends. Traditionally used to relax and sooth, lavender actually slows down the nervous system and makes it harder to sense pain. The calming scent has other benefits for your body, and lavender is renowned for its antibacterial properties that ward off airborne viruses and bacteria. If you’re troubled by nerves or have an upset stomach, a few sips of tea infused with lavender will get you feeling better in no time at all.

– Slows down the nervous system
– Reduces sensitivity to pain
– Antibacterial properties
– Settles upset stomachs and nausea
– Wards off the flu