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The benefits of hyssop were enjoyed as far back as biblical times, as this healing herb is frequently mentioned throughout the Old Testament. Commonly used as an antiseptic, hyssop is powerful for purifying and cleansing a wide variety of surfaces. In fact, the ancient Romans relied on it to ward off the plague. Today, hyssop is known to have a range of benefits that include preventing wrinkles, aiding the digestive process by stimulating gastric juices, and treating problems with the liver and loss of appetite. It also has benefits for treating respiratory problems and reducing your chances of catching a cold. Hyssop tea has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels, especially after eating a high-carbohydrate meal.

– Antiseptic properties
– Prevents and reduces wrinkles
– Aids digestion
– Reduces risk of contracting colds
– Lowers blood sugar levels after eating