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Benefits of Mint

●   Improves digestion
●   Stimulate the mind to reduce tiredness
●   Improves memory and focus
●   Relieve insect bites
●   Improve skin conditions such as acne
●   Alleviate allergies and hay fever

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10 Amazing Benefits of Mint

From chewing gum to cocktails, there’s many things that mint can be found in. In ancient times, the herb was used as a natural medicine to relieve pain. Well-known for its refreshing and sharp taste, adding a mint leaf to your teas and other beverages can boost flavour and improve your well-being with various benefits. It is a popular herb used in various dishes as it complements well with different cuisines. Mint is also a great addition to an herb garden as it is relatively easy to grow

Nilufer Tea

Mint can complement well with other herbs to create a delicious herbal tea. You can find Nilufer Tea’s Ginger Rooibos here, where the lovely apple mint enhances the flavour of the tea.