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Benefits of Lemongrass

●   Good for detox
●   Antibacterial and antimicrobial
●   Improves gastrointestinal conditions such as vomiting and nausea
●   Reduce symptoms of colds and flu
●   Improves blood circulation
●   Aids the functioning of immune system
●   Improve skin conditions


Renowned for its distinctive flavor and citrus-like aroma, lemongrass is a gift to the world from the tropics of Asia. When added to our tea blends, lemongrass infuses each sip with a zesty flavor that’s sure to perk you up. As delicious as it is healthy, we value lemongrass for the powerful energy it brings to every cup. Full of vitamins and minerals long sought after to keep you healthy, lemongrass has been valued for centuries as a detox and wellness tonic that keeps your immune system running smoothly. Drinking tea made with lemongrass improves your blood circulation, clears up skin, and help you fight off stubborn colds.

Nilufer Tea

Indulge in the unique sweetness and taste of lemongrass in our Floral Blossom tea. Feeling good has never tasted so natural. You can get the beautiful tea sachets here.

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