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Regular marigolds may look pretty sitting in your yard, but calendula, a close relative of ornamental varieties, is full of health and homeopathic benefits as well. The petals of this pretty plant are perfectly edible, and they have long been used in soups and salads, while a potent chemical extract from the stems and leaves is full of health benefits. Rich in glycosides and saponins, calendula is a powerful anti-inflammatory and source of antioxidants. When used as an oil, calendula can promote oral health, improve the look of skin, and lower your risk of certain cancer. It has long traditionally been used for preventing cramping and constipation as well.

– Anti-inflammatory
– Naturally rich in antioxidants
– Promotes positive oral health
– Improves skin and clears up infections
– Lowers risk of certain cancers
– Prevents cramping and constipation

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