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Nilufer Tea is looking for guest bloggers to collaborate with on spreading the word on herbal teas, personal health and environmental issues. If you have a passion for improving your health and the environment, and is dedicated in building or assisting social enterprises, then we would like to work with you. We believe that a mutual collaborative effort can help you to achieve goals. Feel free to contact at

Why Nilufer Tea?

Despite being more interconnected by the Internet today, there are still many people who are unaware of important issues that concern our health and the environment. Through guest blogging, you will have access to Nilufer Tea’s niche customer and reader base that consist of people who are passionate in healthy living and the environment. You can reach out to a wider audience to educate and inform them about the causes that you are passionate about. Nilufer Tea is also a well-established brand in Japan and other places, so we can bring your valuable content and message beyond the local community.

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