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The ingredients for our tea - like our chamomile tea and red rooibos tea - are mostly sourced from Japan. We believe in environmental friendliness and sustainable farming practices, and thus only work with small and reliable farmers in Japan for the best natural tea ingredients. Our tea demands ingredients of the best quality, so we only use Setouchi lemons. These lemons are derived from Setouchi, an inland sea in Japan and they are 100% organic. They do not contain any harmful pesticides or impurities, making it completely safe for consumption. Drinking lemon-infused organic tea can aid digestion and flush toxins from your body. The health benefits of tea are endless!

All types of tea produced by Nilufer does not contain any caffeine. Making it safe for consumption by pregnant women and elderly folk. Nilufer’s Japanese tea can be classified as healthy tea since the dried fruits and herbs provide added benefits to our flower tea and fruit tea. For example, the chamomile tea provides serene relaxation for the body and as a natural tea; it has anti-inflammatory properties that promotes and improves digestion. The red rooibos tea in our Ginger Rooibos blend is a great cure for nagging headaches and insomnia and its mineral rich content enhances one’s skin complexion and hair growth. And the same goes for our other tea blends, we want to ensure that our organic tea provides many health benefits for our loyal customers.

No. Our japanese tea uses and preserves the natural colours of the dried fruits and herbs for guaranteed authenticity, freshness and naturality. The colours of the fruits and herbs in each tea bag are 100% natural. Our chamomile tea, red rooibos tea and fruit tea blends would make perfect tea gifts for tea and nature lovers. Just looking at the vibrant colours radiating from each tea bag is enough to make you feel at peace.

You should use 500ml of water per tea bag for the best balanced consistency and taste. This goes for all types of tea on our site. Nilufer carries a special HARIO Jumping Tea Pot with the perfect capacity of 500ml should you like an accessory to accompany your purchase, or simply as lovely tea gifts. The teapot is made of transparent glass and truly displays the aesthetics of our healthy tea. Aesthetically, the natural and fresh loose leaf form of our natural tea, like the chamomile tea provides true beauty as you can see the whole flower buds, perfectly detailed tea leaves and dried pieces of healthy fruit.

You should consume an opened tea bag of fruit tea and flower tea immediately for a fresher and crisp aroma and flavorful taste. If do not want to consume the tea blends immediately upon purchase, the unopened tea should be refrigerated and can be stored for up to 3 months. Take care to avoid storing the organic tea in humid places because the fruits will absorb the moisture from the surrounding atmosphere and the resulting tea will not be as fresh.

We are a Singapore-based company but we provide worldwide shipping. Everyone deserves to enjoy and appreciate our unique artisan Japanese tea. The types of tea do not matter! Geographical boundaries cannot and should not stop us natural tea lovers! Nilufer charges a flat rate of $3 for all deliveries within Singapore and a flat rate of $5 for all international deliveries. It’s healthy tea! So what are you waiting for? Get your loved ones and yourself some tea gifts today!

Yes! While our japanese tea is considered as a kind of healthy tea, it does not act as medication. It can however aid and speed up your healing process and leave you feeling more refreshed. Each of our tea blends complements your body’s requirements perfectly. Try the Rose Paradise blend of flower tea to energise and revitalise. The Orange and Chamomile blend of flower tea and fruit tea is perfect for rest and relaxation. If you are feeling under the weather, the Ginger and Rooibos blend of herbs and red rooibos tea provides a great boost to your immunity and helps combat your sickness. Lastly, the Floral Blossom blend of flower tea is a must have for beautifying your complexion.

Currently, there are 3 ways for you to purchase our organic tea. Firstly, you can shop online at and have your tea gifts delivered to your home address. Alternatively, should you prefer to visit a physical store, Nilufer has partnered up with 2 Japanese hair salons, which have our japanese tea products on display for sale. All our tea blends are available at these salons:

  1. 1tto+LIM イットプラスリム

325 New Bridge Road #03-00 Singapore 088760

  1. +65 6884 4143

OPEN : 10:00-21:00 (Last appointment 20:00)

Thursday, Sunday & Public Holidays 10:00-18:00

CLOSED : Every Monday

  1. Kizuki+LIM イットプラスリム

31 Seah Street Singapore 188387 Seah St, Singapore 188387

  1. 6221 6320

OPEN : 10:00-21:00

Thursday, Sunday 10:00-16:00

CLOSED : Every Monday

No. Our organic tea is made with only natural unprocessed dried fruits, herbs and flowers. The generic tea bag containing chamomile tea or red rooibos tea is usually of lower quality as the leftovers from tea production are combined in the tea bag. So, when you steep a bag of chamomile, it releases a plethora of tannins which create a harsh tasting flavor. Thus leaving the tea - dull, stale and lacking an aroma. Nilufer chooses to produce natural tea and utilises only whole loose ingredients which are packed with antioxidants and gives Nilufer’s different types of tea the label of healthy tea.

We take pride in ensuring that our natural tea is carefully and individually hand packed with only the finest ingredients. We believe every single customer deserves tea blends worthy of the words, ‘utter perfection’. Nilufer even sells specially made heart shaped lemon slices to add some zing to our beloved fruit tea. All ingredients in the different types of tea we sell are hand measured individually to ensure every tea bag is consistent. All of us here at Nilufer know how much everyone loves insta-worthy things, so why not get yourself some tea gifts and update your feed!