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10 Great Benefits of Rose Tea

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September 26, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Rose Tea, made from either fresh or dried rose petals, is a healthy beverage packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The fragrance and light taste of this tea makes it a perfect drink to perk you up. Rose tea has several advantages from being a low-calorie drink, ideal if you’re watching your weight, to helping you achieve a radiant complexion.

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1. Stress Relief

If you find yourself feeling exhausted and stressed often, drinking rose tea regularly can help you better manage your daily stresses. This floral tea is able to calm the nervous system by making your stress hormones more balanced. Drinking this floral tea routinely is sure to bring a newfound sense of calm into your hectic schedule!

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2. Anti-ageing

Rose tea promotes collagen production, which ensures your skin and hair looks healthy and vibrant. Drinking this herbal tea regularly will help prevent symptoms of ageing like wrinkles and skin sagging.

3. Improves skin problems

Rose is a popular ingredient in skincare products for a good reason. When drunk as a herbal tea, rose can help ensure your skin looks healthy and vibrant. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make this floral tea a suitable herbal remedy to treat skin problems like acne.

4. Healthy Skin

Rose tea is a powerhouse of vitamin A and E, two powerful antioxidants, that keep skin looking hydrated and taut. The antioxidants curb free radicals and delay any signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

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5. Cure digestion problems

If you feel bloated or sluggish, turn to rose tea as a natural cure. By stimulating the production of bile, rose tea helps improve digestion and ensure your body is in peak working order. This floral tea is also a mild laxative, making it a suitable herbal remedy for digestion issues like constipation.

6. Natural cure for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

The antibacterial properties and antioxidants found in rose tea make it an effective way to treat mild infections of the urinary tract naturally. Drinking this floral tea can help control the infection while soothe any pain you may be suffering from. As a natural diuretic, rose can help increase urination which helps flush out bacteria. The next time you feel this painful problem creeping up, reach out to rose tea for a speedy recovery!

7. Natural detox

While detox seems to be all the rage among health and beauty bloggers these days, this floral tea can be used as an alternative, natural way to detox your body in a safer manner. The active ingredients found in this quality tea go a long way in improving liver function that ensures the toxins in your body are flushed out. Rose tea is also a natural diuretic, an ideal cure to any fluid retention.

8. Caffeine-free & helps with sleep disorders

If you suffer from irregular sleep or insomnia, try drinking this floral tea before bedtime. As a mild sedative, rose tea will allow you to relax naturally and ease any stresses you have. The ability of this herbal tea to reduce inflammation and regulate hormones associated to sleep makes it an ideal bedtime companion.

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9. High in Vitamin C

Packed with vitamin C, rose tea helps boost your immune system. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, try drinking this floral tea! Apart from preventing you from falling ill , vitamin C is also important in the body’s production of collagen- essential for maintaining the health of your skin and hair!

10. Combats period pains

If your period often leaves you curled up in pain, try drinking this floral tea! Rose tea helps alleviate cramps while helping you relax. This drink is also a natural remedy to irregular periods and can help with female infertility.

Packed with a wide range of health and beauty benefits, incorporating rose tea into your routine is sure to boost your vitality. Drinking this fragrant floral tea regularly will leave you feeling as good as you look!

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